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Chuck Stockdale-Traversing the dimensions

May 12, 2006 06:41 PM
by Cass Silva

 Chuck Stockdale has enjoyed a fifteen-year professional career as an airshow stunt pilot. His aerobatic flying has been featured on ESPN's World Of Aviation, seen internationally on Cowboys Of The Air produced by France2 Television, and in feature films such as The Hidden Jungle and Into The Spider's Web.

Stockdale flew for many years as lead pilot for the Tag-Heuer Aerobatic Team, a two-plane civilian formation aerobatic team sponsored by Tag-Heuer watch Company. He has logged over 5,000 hours of flight time in over 100 different types of aircraft from ultralights to jet fighter trainers.

As an author, Chuck has written articles which have appeared in publications World Airshow News, ICAS Journal, Aviator Monthly, and Air News. He is currently finishing his first book In Your Wildest Dreams a non-fiction "how to" manual demonstrating how one can identify their inborn "core skills" and then expand them into a life of fulfilling action. 

  Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique

By Chuck Stockdale

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