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False ideas behind keeping yahoo group active

Nov 29, 2005 02:53 AM
by Anand Gholap

There is a general idea among group owners and members of yahoo 
groups that if members are sending messages continuously, that group 
is healthy and active. This is false because of many reasons. 
I have seen many wise people who prefer to read some good 
Theosophical book, instead of spending time on messaging in yahoo 
groups. It is in the better interest of the person to study good 
books on Theosophy. Daily participation in yahoo groups in 
fruitless, circular discussion is insane. 
Eldon Tucker who owns this group sends one message in a week. More 
participation than that in yahoo group is unwise use of energy and 
time according to him, whether he admits it or not. But same Eldon 
Tucker will like other members to send messages daily, even if it is 
unwise waste of time. He will call such group as active and will try 
to keep it active whether it is wise or unwise use of members' time 
and energy. Eldon Tucker is honest man. But he needs to understand 
these points by thinking much about wisdom in our actions. Group 
owners and members need to think much if their actions and wishes 
are wise or not. 
Healthy situation is one in which students of Theosophy spend much 
time in studying good books on Theosophy and send message to group 
if they need some help or information or they can provide some help 
in study of Theosophy or information. Otherwise so called active 
yahoo groups are place where people waste their valuable time and 
energy, which they could spend in studying good books on Theosophy 
and practically working to help others.
Best regards.
Anand Gholap

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