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Re: Theos-World Reincarnation of Lord Buddha here isReal message from Nepal

Nov 28, 2005 02:18 PM
by Hugh

Chuck, have you read Isis Unveiled? What you and most people now would
dismiss as utter nonsense, Blavatsky took very seriously, because she was a
good investigator. An investigator with as many negative presuppositions as
you have would get nowhere.

What makes you think the boy in Nepal is "nonsense"? He is obviously a great
meditator, if nothing else. Blavatsky would love to go and find out just
what he is all about.

You notice I never said he was a Buddha, and neither did he. He said he was
a reincarnated rinpoche, or Tibetan-style lama. Chuck, have you read books
about these people? Ian Stevenson's book about reincarnation? Chogma
Trungpa's account of how he was found to be a reincarnated rinpoche?

You know nothing about the topic being discussed but pass blithe judgments
on it.

I find that you and others are rushing to judgment about something you know
nothing about! That is not Theosophical. There is no religion higher than
the truth, and on the basis of a couple of very bungled press reports, which
don't even get this child's name right, you decide that he is a fraud. First
of all, the reports did not say that he is taking money, or anyone connected
with him, only that someone is selling his pictures. Well, the newspapers
are selling his picture also!

You have absolutely no basis for deciding anything at all about his
sincerity or genuineness, yet you judge. Surely that violates all the
precepts of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and the mystical teachings of
the ages.

One of the objects of the T. S. is the investigation of the powers latent in
man. All I am saying is that this boy ought to be an object of
investigation, not an object of quick thoughtless dismissive judgments. On
that basis Blavatsky was and is dismissed. "Oh, the Masters sent messages in
pillows? Obviously she is a fraud and anyone who believes this nonsense has
an empty head!" Is that what you believe, Chuck? If not, why not give this
helpless child the same chance that you give Blavatsky? As I see it, he is a
victim of persecution and slander, especially because we have no idea what
he is saying, thinking, or why he is doing what he is doing.

I am very glad you guys are not on a jury, and I hope you never will be. The
"rush to judgment" is what I am opposing. How can one investigate the
paranormal, one of the objects of the T. S., if one simply dismisses all
reports of the paranormal without investigating them?

Hugh Higgins

On 11/28/05, <> wrote:
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> writes:
> If they do not have open
> minds toward the spiritual and the paranormal they do not belong in a
> Theosophical group.
> There is a difference between having an open mind and having an
> empty head.
> Blavatsky was a great debunker of nonsense in her day.
> Chuck the Hereti
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