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Re: RE: Theos-World Spiritual Inquiries: 4. Space, Time and Consciousness

Nov 28, 2005 07:33 AM
by Paul Coupland

It is good to know that Blavatsky net has found another Name for 
Allha. Islamic anxiety about the Trinity which has no right to a 
superiority complex is derived from this area. For all the intensity 
of the theological passions of the dark and middle ages and the 
punishments by fire to death, nobody has released the mind from its 
torment before this last century and people do not yet know that we 
are free to move away from the possession of the unseen idolatries 
of the pit. Scientology has given an experience of the ARC triangle 
but what shape is it and why have no map of potential caste 
agreements as yet ? Paulcoup@
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