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Re: Theos-World Reincarnation of Lord Buddha here isReal message from Nepal

Nov 27, 2005 04:10 PM
by Hugh

I was fascinated to read this report, and I thank whoever it was who linked
us to it.

It seems there are only two dispatches about this boy in the world press,
the two already posted here. That is not much information!

I will make the following comments:

1. We do not know enough to judge Ram Banjan. I think true Theosophists
agree with Jesus's salty and telling advice: "Judge not, that ye be not
judged." Perhaps this boy's disciples cover him from public gaze in the
evening - well, how many of us want to live in a glass house and let
thousands of people watch us all night? Yet callow critics say "Oh this
proves he is not genuine." Please!

2. It's doubtful he would do this unless he is a spiritually oriented being,
and he himself says he is not a Buddha, so why the complaint? In America the
truant officer would take him back to school to be indoctrinated in American
culture, but thank G*d he is not in America!

3. I myself had a good feeling from the only available photo of him. When I
meditated on him, using his name, I had good feelings, peace, calm and
meditative detachment.

4. From the above we can conclude nothing at all except: Thank heaven there
are a lot of beings and phenomena in the world we cannot instantly
understand! These were the very beings and phenomena H. P. B. loved to
investigate through her varied travels. And she had enough patience to give
them the benefit of the doubt until she had discerned what she had to learn
from them.

Hugh Higgins

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