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Re: Theos-World Perceiving the Occult

Nov 23, 2005 01:33 AM
by krishtar

Hi Mark

In the AMORC, Rosecross temple monographies there is a wide study on the nature of the human Aura, showing techniques to improve itīs vision and understanding of its properties although their explanation differ a bit from our theosophical ones.
In the study you are also encouraged to set up a simple apparatus to facilitate the perception of it, with the use of paper cut forms , boards and candles. If you have some friend who is a member of AMORC , you can persuade him to help you with this...what will perhaps be harder than acquire the aura perception...:-)


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Subject: Theos-World Perceiving the Occult

I've asked general practictioners, psychologists, and hospital workers
this, but no one so far could give me an answer.

How is it that human beings can perceive "auras", the light, textured
light/color that extends around objects and people. Physiologically
speaking, what are our eyes picking up? What does the medical
community attribute this too?

Practically anyone has the ability to perceive them at will (it takes
about a week to a month to learn usually).

The only answers that I have been given:
1. It may be attributed to migraine symptoms
2. It may be the side effect of past hallucinogenic usage. (Flashbacks.)

However, this obviously doesn't apply to everyone who can perceive
them. Is this a malfunction of the brain that is just normally
filtered out? Is this something our eye is picking up that is not
normally noticed by the brain? How is it that we can sometimes "feel"

"The aura may appear textured, most often like a liquid -- oily,
rippling, misty. It is not static but fluid and is constantly though
subtly changing. It can be perceived through touch as warmth or as a
subtle tension or pressure that is almost there beneath your fingers."
From: The Vampire Codex

This seems to be the general consensus regarding the nature of it. I
have never heard of any public research being done to discover the
cause of this visual phenomena, though.

If anyone can point me in a direction, it would help me out.

-Mark H.

Mark Hamilton Jr.

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