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Theos-World Re: Theosophical Search & Find: Quick Access to Hundreds of Online Resources

Nov 22, 2005 12:12 PM
by Anand Gholap

I have one book in which structural integrity or layout, which you 
mentioned, is maintained. Although that has some advantages, I did 
not use it that way because that file becomes unreadable on small 
screen of less than 4-5 inch width. In html pages, text size and 
width of page can be set as per reader's choice. 
Also it was very bulky as it stored image below text in pdf format. 
You might be using different method to reduce file size.
3D and inbuilt dictionary are new suggestions. 
Anand Gholap

--- In, "Mark Hamilton Jr." 
<waking.adept@g...> wrote:
> Actually, it would be a lot different from Google.
> With the program people could download the "real deal" so to speak.
> They could view specific copies (like the one Leon Maurer 
> of the Secret Doctrine copy that was owned by Albert Einstein and 
> notes scribbled in the margines) if we could get them scanned and
> processed, anyone would be able to see it from their own homes,
> keeping the structural integrity of the original book intact.
> I could also dynamically cross-reference things on a particular 
> allowing the reader to find similar material that is mentioned on 
> current page without losing their place.
> And finally, it would have a built in dictionary specifically for
> esoteric terms. Looking up a word could be as simple as clicking on
> it.
> -Mark H.
> On 11/22/05, Anand Gholap <AnandGholap@a...> wrote:
> > Mark,
> > Google toolbar has facility to search text in a particular 
website or
> > whole internet. So searching document is not a problem.
> > There are many good books and articles which are not yet online. 
> > will be of great service if you could scan them or get scanned 
at 300
> > dpi. You can send images by e-mail. If scanning is not possible 
> > you, send photocopies.
> > Those who are interested in helping Theosophical cause this way, 
> > send e-mail to my personal address.
> > Regards.
> > Anand Gholap
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> Mark Hamilton Jr.
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