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Re: Theos-World Re: Theosophical Search & Find: Quick Access to Hundreds of Online Resources

Nov 22, 2005 01:15 AM
by Mark Hamilton Jr.

To anyone who is interested in this: please leave me feedback on this
possible project, I am very interested in making this happen!

> Could be this Search and Find utility developed for simple html files
> and for the use in other languages too?

Yes, I'm thinking of two different modes of operation:
1. Lite mode - Books are displayed in plain text for quick reference
2. Realism - Books are rendered in 3D and show the wear-and-tear (as
well as any handwritten notes, scribbles, etc that were scanned on the

Either mode would have a cross-referencing guide, links to similar
online material, and interactive table of contents. I could also add a
built-in theosophical and occult dictionary (as well as others, such
as English language, german language, etc.)

New books could be downloaded on demand from within the program.

Now that's the easy part! The hard part would actually be indexing the
3D books, scanning all the pages, and mapping the actual text to the
page scans (for searching). This part could take months just to
produce one book.

But hey, until then I can just lay out a prototype and design. This
would take priority over my other personal projects.

Every theosophist here has their own way of looking up information.
How do you do it? Is there anything I can add to make it easier?

-Mark H.

Mark Hamilton Jr.

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