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Re: World Travelling TO "FIND THE MASTER"

Nov 19, 2005 11:59 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "W.Dallas TenBroeck" 
<dalval14@e...> wrote:

> Dear Friends:
> Considering what might be said in answer to this -- the Masters are
> everywhere -- rushing off to India or Tibet, or anywhere else --  
> produce nothing unless some if not all of the following advice is 
> out by each individual who desires and WILLS.  
> This advice has been offered for many years, and I but repeat it:
> The Master wrote:
> "I now answer the above and your other questions.
> [1] It is not necessary that one should be in India during the 
seven years
> of probation. A chela can pass them anywhere.
> [2] To accept any man as a chela does not depend on my personal 
will. It can
> only be the result of one's personal merit and exertions in that 
> Force any one of the "Masters" you may happen to choose; do good 
works in
> his name and for the love of mankind; be pure and resolute in the 
path of
> righteousness [as laid out in our rules]; be honest and unselfish; 
> your Self but to remember the good of other people - and you will 
> forced that "Master" to accept you.
> So much for candidates during the periods of the undisturbed 
progress of
> your Society. 
> There is something more to be done, however, when theosophy, the 
Cause of
> Truth, is, as at the present moment on its stand for life or death 
> the tribunal of public opinion -- that most flippantly cruel, 
prejudiced and
> unjust of all tribunals. ... 
> He who would shorten the years of probation has to make sacrifices 
> theosophy. Pushed by malevolent hands to the very edge of a 
precipice, the
> Society needs every man and woman strong in the cause of truth. It 
is by
> doing noble actions and not by only determining that they shall be 
done that
> the fruits of the meritorious actions are reaped. 
> Like the "true man" of Carlyle who is not to be seduced by ease --
> "difficulty, abnegation, martyrdom, death are the allurements that 
> during the hours of trial on the heart of a true chela.
> You ask me - "what rules I must observe during this time of 
probation, and
> how soon I might venture to hope that it could begin". 
> I answer: 
> you have the making of your own future, in your own hands as shown 
> and every day you may be weaving its woof. 
> If I were to demand that you should do one thing or the other, 
instead of
> simply advising, I would be responsible for every effect that 
might flow
> from the step and you acquire but a secondary merit. Think, and 
you will see
> that this is true. So cast the lot yourself into the lap of 
Justice, never
> fearing but that its response will be absolutely true. 
> Chelaship is an educational as well as probationary stage and the 
> alone can determine whether it shall end in adeptship or failure. 
> from a mistaken idea of our system too often watch and wait for 
> wasting precious time which should be taken up with personal 
> Our cause needs missionaries, devotees, agents, even martyrs 
perhaps. But it
> cannot demand of any man to make himself either. So now choose and 
> your own destiny, and may our Lord's the Tathagata's memory aid 
you to
> decide for the best."
> K.H.		
> [ MAHATMA LETTERS , Letter 32]

Hello Dallas:

The letter you quoted is not part of the MAHATMA LETTERS TO A. P. 
SINNETT. It is included as Letter #7 in THE LETTERS FROM THE MASTERS 
OF THE WISDOM, First Series, edited by C. Jinarajadasa.

Best wishes,


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