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Inner Ego

Nov 08, 2005 11:52 PM
by Pablo Daniel Sender

Hi all!

There is a subject I need some help. HPB said in many pages that our 
Inner Ego is a Manasaputra, who was a human being in past manvantaras. 
He is following his own evolution, and at the same time helping the 
Human Monad evolution. On the other hand, HPB said in the esoteric 
intructions that the best of our humanity will be Manasaputras in the 
next manvantara.
Then, the question arises: If our present Ego is already a Manasaputra, 
who will be one of this in the next manvantara? The Human Monad? And 
does it imply that this present Monad is forming a new Ego, with the 
assistance of the Manasaputra, which (the new Ego) will be a Pitri or a 
Manasa Dhyani in the next manvantara? Or is there any other explanation.
Thank you for your clarifications

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