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Nov 05, 2005 01:10 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

 November 4, 2005

Dear Friends:

A line of inquiry pursued for several days has led to an inquiry about the
aim and objective of chelaship and the condition of Adeptship.

Here is an answer that gives us some view on this. 


Q.: A teacher of Theosophy says that not more than one in ten thousand
is immortal. Is the statement correct? if so, what is the use of
reincarnation, and for what are Theosophists working?

W.Q.J.-The second of the questions would not have been asked if more
attention had been paid to the acquirement of an accurate understanding of
the Theosophical philosophy. 

It has never been a secret doctrine that "but few among mortals strive for
perfection and out of those only one in ten thousand reaches the end
desired." These words are to be found in the Bhagavad-Gita, [ p. 56 ] which


printed first in English 100 years ago. But even if we did not have the
direct statement in the Bhagavad-Gita, the fundamental Theosophical
doctrines compel us to the conclusion that many will fail to reach

Since, however, the same doctrines teach us to analyze and determine as to
what "many" or "us" means, we find that the theory under discussion applies
solely to the lower or strictly human ego and not to Spirit. 

The object, therefore, of reincarnation is that all the possible egos may
have the chance to become immortal by uniting themselves with Spirit. 

If they do not, they lose. But further yet, it is laid down that the periods
of evolution succeed each other in endless succession, and all who are "left
over" unsaved at the end of any one of such periods are taken up again, in
the succeeding evolution, for the purpose of working up to perfection. 

Thus in every Manvantara numbers of egos reach perfection, for that period
is very long as mortals count years. I say "numbers" because in fact the
number is very large, although, if compared to the entire whole, they may
not seem to be many. 

This is what Theosophists are working for- not only to reach perfection
themselves but to help all other men to do so likewise. 

And they should remember that whether they like it or not, the laws of life
will bring them upon earth again and again until they believe in the
doctrine, and acquire aspiration, and turn both into action.

But who is the "teacher of Theosophy" spoken of by the questioner?


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