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Re: Theos-World reading, not between the lines and within the words.

Nov 02, 2005 10:56 AM
by samblo

Thanks for your post and comments. I'd like to post what I think 
corresponds in a way as I have wanted to see something appropriate before doing so. 
Vincent Bridges has an Alchemy website and published works. But years ago I read 
an article online of his that impressed me, see both below:

<A HREF="";>Vincent Bridges Books & Alchemy</A> 

<A HREF="";>Reading the Green Language of Light - Vincent Bridges</A>

mentioned as important to the Green Language:

<A HREF="";>I Ching: Richard Wilhelm Translation</A> 

the sister to the I Ching:

<A HREF="";>The Shu King: Or, the Chinese Historical Classic, Being an Authentic Rec</A>


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