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Seeker's Questions: The World Before Closed Eyes

Oct 30, 2005 08:44 AM
by saidevo

When I close my eyes, initially I see the afterimages of what my eyes
were seeing. Then it becomes darker and I see cloudy patterns that
form, expand (or contract) and then disappear, to be followed by
another, much like the waves formed on a still water surface when a
stone is dropped.

The 'world' that my closed eyes look at is usually violet in color,
and the clouds that form and disappear, are indigo in color.

As my mind gets more and more still, I can see real-world shapes
--of houses, humans, anything I am familiar with--that quickly
form and pass into other shapes. I am physically conscious (and not
sleeping) while I watch these images. After sometime, I find that
the slightest thought currents disturb the shapes, but I guess that
with sufficient practice I might be able to control and create shapes
by thought.

Technically, I have simply closed my eyes, so my eyes should be
looking at the inner side of my eyelids. I read somewhere that
these shapes and images are random reflections of residual light
particles inside the eyelids, but I am not prepared to buy this
theory, because I see a whole world before my closed eyes, which
to some extent I can control.

Since I have not yet started sleeping, I know that these 'waves'
are not the alpha or beta waves of REM or deep sleep. Those waves
come only after I fall asleep.

What are the shapes and images that I see? Of what stuff they are
made? Can this thing be explained in a purely physical and convincing
way by Science?

I think that this can be explained theosophically, but I would first
like to hear readers' views, scientific or otherwise on this


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