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Re: [bn-study] Re: Spontaneous generation - scientifically proven? (again an accidental mailing -this final text)

Oct 20, 2005 04:41 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Etzion, 

The M-brane is an aspect of superstring theory that refers to the surface of 
a hyperspace field which has both an outside and an inside that are contiguous 
(due, in my ABC theory, to the Mobius-like twisting of the surfaces between 
fields so that the outside of each field connects with the inside of adjoining 
fields in different hyperspace dimensions, and vice versa.) See:

The M-brane may be equivalent to the surface of the "coadunate but not 
consubstantial" fields within fields within fields, etc., of my ABC theory,that 
corresponds with the seven fold fields of consciousness described by HPB.  For a 
scientific definition of M-brane, see:

In a message dated 10/18/05 12:27:45 PM, writes:

> Thanks Lenny; can you explain what M-brane is? I couldn't find its meaning.
> Best wishes, Etzion
> <The following article (reprinted below) covering the latest findings in 
> physics seems to be the beginning of the final proof of theosophy, as predicted 
> by HPB to come around the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. These findings 
> -- based on relativity and quantum theories in conjunction with the elegant 
> mathematics of Superstring/M-brane theory and the ABC model linking

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