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Oct 19, 2005 06:38 PM
by S.F.

Daniel wrote:

>>The important question I want to ask and bring to the discussion is:
What should inquirers and new students to Theosophy believe about all
these claims? And remember there are OTHER claims (e.g. those of Alice
Bailey, Helen Roerich, etc.).<<

In brief - my thoughts are:

There is a crack in everything. No "Teaching" is perfect. Language is
not suited to metaphysics. We only have fragments of perfection, such
as: "The Eightfold Path."

I have been a hard seeking student of Theo-philosophy for about sixty
years. What we can learn form books is as nothing compared to what we
can learn from experience. We must focus on union with Spirit - our
Spirit-man in the Monad-wheel. From there we can learn what we need to know.

Regarding Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich I wish to say: Both did a
good work and tried hard. But they did not always know when they were
right and wrong and therefore asserted statements to be true that
were not. Students of Alice Bailey should read here writings in the
first edition. Important sentences have been omitted from the early
books. About Helena we should notice, that the writings of Helena
Roerich change in quality after death of Nicholas Roerich.

Best wishes

Sveinn Freyr

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