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RE: Esoteric Tradition - All Manifestation Evolves

Oct 14, 2005 05:13 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/14/2005 11:57 AM

RE: Esoteric Tradition -- All Manifestation Evolves

Dear Mauri:

For such a statement to be made it seems to me a basis is needed. 

Let me offer this for consideration:

If the real (?) area of learning (and confusion) is in the (our) mind, then
we have two great alternatives:

1	the mind thoughts that are rigidly, honest, exact, true and
practises fairness and justice as MORALITY to all (therefore, is impersonal
and universal -- the realm of "brotherhood), and

2	the mind thoughts that are devious and twisted as to logic so as to
favor the personal self. This is selfishness, and it leads to "vice"
because it is incapable of carrying out the logic of such thoughts beyond
the LIFE of this PRESENT BODY.  

As I see it: If THEOSOPHY is correct, and if Karma (impersonal justice)
rules from the very beginning every aspect of the universe, and if
reincarnation is the method that Nature has traced for each immortal "Mind"
to progress, then any practice of MORALITY is something that endures. It
would form the basis for our character and our innate capacities. 

The other way fades and disappears after creating a lot of trouble for all
so long as its effects are around. We may assume that reincarnation will
bring such a "mind" back to meet the results.

Which is better? To do good deliberately, or to do harm?  

If we cannot escape the effects of "wrong doing" then why create evil
circumstances ? Why hurt or place anyone at a disadvantage ? It will return,
and we will be affected by that.

See if this is a fair rendition of present circumstances. 

Another idea:

Lets assume there is a single SOURCE for all things -- (some call it the

DURATION (or endless time) cyclically (under KARMA) divides itself into
periods of action and inaction (rest - nirvana, moksha, etc....) -- called
symbolically "The Great Breath."

When there is an "out-breathing" of the life-energy we call it
"manifestation, evolution and the 'visible universe'." Measured TIME begins
for a long period.  

MOTION as a 3rd component resumes. Evolution and differentiation of species
(vehicles of life) is an aspect of this on the physical plane. [Everything
is in constant motion -- causing the concept of "maya" or illusion). But
behind every such vortice there has to be a UNITY that supports and sustains

Here, THEOSOPHY says, a duality consisting of SPIRIT/MATTER (Monad) is
formed -- these are polar opposites yet bonded by consciousness : MIND .  

The MIND has three great qualities involved in our concept of TIME: it
remembers the past. it exists and lives in the present, and 3, it tries to
anticipate and prepare for the future. 

This forms a trinity yet ONE. Simultaneously throughout the boundless
Universe innumerable MONADS arise, and each is as ancient as the first.
These are the centers of consciousness for every BEING, be it an atom, a
galaxy or a man. MONADS are indestructible. [Man as a mind-being is such an
indestructible monad.] 

We thus have the SOURCE and a trinity [ = 4 ] on the manifested plane that
serves as the ROOT of all BEING as well as of ALL BEINGS. 

To "BE" (to me means) "I am conscious of."

To "progress" implies a growing comprehension of these basics, and also the
power by using our WILL to direct our own individual progress. 

See if this is of any use.

Best wishes,. 


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Subject: Re: The Esoteric Tradition - Part 10 - All Manifestation Evolves

<<COMMENT: The contents of every cosmic plane in our Universe, every being
in the entire DAY, are evolving including the beings on the upper three
spiritual planes. Notice that even divine beings evolve and that all
entities are "composites." This is very Buddhist.
Jerry S.>>

But if you're exoterizing, how do we know what's really going on ...?


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