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Re: Theos-World Coral castle code - Att Leon

Oct 12, 2005 02:46 PM
by leonmaurer

Dear Cass,

I wonder how you see this very confusing web site explaining anything HPB 
told us? It would help if you could explain exactly what HPB said that relates to 
the commentaries and illustrations on the site --other than the vague 
references to Keely? Personally, I think the author of that site sounds like a 
crackpot... (Maybe like the way some scientists look at me and my scientifically 
unproved ABC theory.:-) At least I have some explanatory logic, mathematical 
consistency, and relationship to both theosophical metaphysics and to proven 
relativity and quantum theories (if not also to the latest superstring/M-brane 
theory) behind my hypothesis. All that being also directly related to HPB's 
prophesy that theosophy and science would merge into one proven concept of 
universal cosmogenesis, and the unity of consciousness, mind, energy and mass 
before the end of this century -- if not within the next few years or decades (as 
I predict :-).

Best regards,


In a message dated 10/11/05 8:56:54 PM, writes:

> Dear All,
> This is a very interesting explanation of what HPB told us 100 years ago,
> including a reference to Keely.
> Cass

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