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Oct 10, 2005 04:54 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/10/2005 4:33 AM

H P B  

It is of importance that we ask ourselves:  


Here are some statements to be thought over:

On HPB's "position" as an ADEPT."

"[H. P. B.] Those who cannot understand her had best not try to explain
her...she knew...that high and wise servants of the Lodge have remained
with the West since many centuries for the purpose of helping it on its
mission and destiny. That work it would be well for members of the 
THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT to continue without deviating, 
without excitement, without running to extremes...the truth of the 
soul's life is in no special quarter of the compass..." 

"...They say that the Ego of that body she uses was and is a great and
brave servant of the Lodge, sent to the West with a mission with full
knowledge of the insult and obloquy to be surely heaped upon that
devoted head; and they add: 'Those who cannot understand her had best
not try to explain her; those who do not find themselves strong enough
for the task she outlined from the very first had best not attempt it.'"

"H.P.B. was the Messenger from the Great Lodge to the western world.
W.Q.J. was a co-founder and co-worker with H.P.B. from the beginning.
It will be well to remember that HPB and WQJ were not accorded the
positions They held through any authority, but through recognition of
Their knowledge and power. They were sui generis; all others are but
students. Those who belittle Judge will also be found belittling HPB."
F P 5

"HPB was the Direct Agent of the Lodge--and this is explicitly stated to
be the fact by the Master K.H. ...then we must go to the records left by
Her and Her Colleague, W.Q.J., for direction in all matters pertaining
to the Theosophical Movement."	F P 34

"In the introduction to the SECRET DOCTRINE, H.P.Blavatsky boldly
affirms the existence of a great Fraternity of Men, Adepts, who preserve
the true philosophy through all changes, now revealing it, and again, at
certain eras, withdrawing it from a degraded age; and emphatically she
says that the doctrine is never a new one, but only a handing on again
of what was always the system... [Further she adds] in the twentieth
century of our era scholars will begin to recognize that the S.D. has
neither been invented nor exaggerated, but, on the contrary, simply
outlined; and finally, that its teachings antedate the Vedas."

"...the Messenger from the great Fraternity--she herself being the one
for this Century--she observes significantly: that "In Century the 20th
some disciple more informed, and far better fitted, may be sent by the
Masters of Wisdom to give final and irrefutable proof that there exists
a science called Gupta-Vidya; and that, [it] the source of all
religions and philosophies now known to the at last found."


"[ According to HPB ]...there are certain persons on this earth, living
and working as ordinary human beings and members of society, whose
informing divine part is so immeasurably high in development that they
as such high beings have a definite status and function in the
"supersensuous regions."...she herself was such a case, and that "H P B"
whether hourly in the day or at night when all around was still, had a
"status and function" in other spheres where she consciously carried on
the work of that high station, whatever it was...[She wrote in one
place] " I am conscious day and night, and have much to do and to
endure in both these existences from which you, being half-conscious,
are happily saved."	WQJ ART I 616



“For some time it was too much the custom of those who had received at
the hands of H.P.B. words and letters from her Masters to please
themselves with the imagination that she was no more in touch with the
original fount, and that, forsooth, these people could decide for
themselves what was from her brain and what from the Masters. But it is
now time to give out a certificate given when the Secret Doctrine was
being written, a certificate signed by the Masters who have given out
all that is new in our theosophical books. It was sent to one who had
then a few doubts, and at the same time copies were given from the same
source to others for use in the future, which is now. 

The first certificate runs thus:

"I wonder if this note of mine is worthy of occupying a select spot with
the documents reproduced, and which of the peculiarities of the
"Blavatskian" style of writing it will be found to most resemble? The
present is simply to satisfy the Doctor that "the more proof given the
less believed." Let him take my advice and not make these two documents
public. It is for his own satisfaction the undersigned is happy to
assure him that the Secret Doctrine, when ready, will be the triple
production of [here are the names of one of the Masters and of H.P.B.]
and _______ most humble servant, [signed by the other.]"

On the back of this was the following, signed by the Master who is
mentioned in the above:

"If this can be of any use or help to _____, though I doubt it, I, the
humble undersigned Faquir, certify that the Secret Doctrine is dictated
to [name of H.P.B.], partly by myself and partly by my brother ______."

A year after this, certain doubts having arisen in the minds of
individuals, another letter from one of the signers of the foregoing was
sent and reads as follows. As the prophecy in it has come true, it is
now the time to publish it for the benefit of those who know something
of how to take and understand such letters. For the outside it will all
be so much nonsense.

The certificate given last year saying the Secret Doctrine would be when
finished the triple production of [H.P.B.'s name],

" ________, and myself was and is correct, although some have doubted
not only the facts given in it but also the authenticity of the message
in which it was contained. Copy this and also keep the copy of the
aforesaid certificate. You will find them both of use on the day when
you shall, as will happen without your asking, receive from the hands of
the very person to whom the certificate was given, the original for the
purpose of allowing you to copy it; and then you can verify the
correctness of this presently forwarded copy. And it may then be well to
indicate to those wishing to know what portions in the Secret Doctrine
have been copied by the pen of [H.P.B.'s name] into its pages, though
without quotation marks, from my own manuscript and perhaps from ______,
though the last is more difficult from the rarity of his known writing
and greater ignorance of his style. All this and more will be found
necessary as time goes on, but for which you are well qualified to

ONE OF THE STAFF	[WQJ]	Path, April, 1893


"The Secret Doctrine was the universally diffused religion of the ancient
and prehistoric world."

"These truths are in no sense put forward as a revelation, nor does the
author claim the position of a revealer of mystic lore now made public for
the first time in the world's history." [ SD I vii ]

"We give facts and show land-marks: let the wayfarer follow them. What is
given here is amply sufficient for this century." [ SD II 742 ]  

"There are more secrets of Initiation given out in the Introductory Chapter
than in all Isis...Fancy Masters giving out the secret of the "Divine
Hermaphrodite" even ! and so on." [HPB in a letter ]




[The Theosophist, Vol. IV, No. 6, March, 1883, p. 137]
The common vice of trying to palm off upon the world the
crude imaginings or rhapsodical concoctions of one’s own
brain, by claiming their utterance as under divine
inspiration, prevails largely among our esteemed friends,
the Spiritualists. 
Many clever persons known as “trance speakers” and 
“inspirational writers” keep the thing up at
a lively rate, turning out oration after oration and book
after book as coming from the great dead, the planetary
spirits, and even from God. 
The great names of antiquity are evoked to father feeble 
books, and no sooner is it known that a prominent 
character is deceased than some mediums pretend 
to be his telephones, to discourse platitudes before 
sympathetic audiences. ….
While it is yet time, both the founders of the Theosophical 
Society place upon record their solemn promise that they 
will let trance mediums severely alone after they get to
 “the other side.” 

If after this, any of the talking fraternity take their names in
vain, they hope that at least their theosophical confreres
will unearth this paragraph and warn the trespassers off
their astral premises. 


So far as we have observed, the best trance speakers 
have been those who bragged least about their controls. 
“Good wine needs no bush,” says the adage. 


"I never gave myself out for a full-blown occultist, but only for a student
of Occultism for the last thirty or forty years. Yet I am enough of an
occultist to know that before we find the Master within our own hearts and
seventh principle--we need an outside Master...I got my drop from my Master
(the living one)...He is a Saviour, he who leads you to finding the Master
within yourself. It is ten years already that I preach the inner Master and
God and never represented our Masters as Saviours in the Christian sense."  
[ HPB to Dr. Hartmann = PATH X p. 367]

" I venerate the Master, and worship MY MASTER--the sole creator of my
inner Self which but for His calling it out, awakening it from its slumber,
would never have come to conscious being--not in this life, at all
Letters of HPB to APS, p. 104

'Scoffers and the press asked one another :

"How is it that this pupil [HPB] of semi-omniscient Mahatmas, the natural
clairvoyant and trained reader of the minds of men, cannot even tell her
friends from her foes?"

HPB: "Who am I," she said answering one question with another, "who am I
that I should deny a chance to one in whom I see a spark still glimmering of
recognition of the Cause I serve that might yet be fanned into a flame of
devotion? What matter the consequences that fall on me personally when such
an one fails, succumbing to the forces of evil within him -- deception,
ingratitude, revenge, what not -- forces that I saw as clearly as I saw the
hopeful spark: though in his fall he cover me with misrepresentation,
obloquy and scorn? What right have I to refuse any one the chance of
profiting by the truths I can teach him, and thereby entering upon the Path?

I tell you that I have no choice. I am pledged by the strictest rules and
laws of occultism to a renunciation of selfish considerations, and how can I
dare to assume the existence in the faults in a candidate and act upon my
assumption even though a cloudy forbidding aura may fill me with

"The Occult Science is not one in which secrets can be communicated of a
sudden...till the neophyte attains to the condition necessary for that
degree of illumination to which, and for which, he is entitled and fitted,
most if not all of the Secrets are incommunicable. The receptivity must be
equal to the desire to instruct. The illumination must come from
within...Fasting, meditation, chastity of thought word and deed; silence
for certain periods to enable nature herself to speak to him who comes to
her for information; government of the animal passions and impulses; utter
unselfishness of intention, the use of certain incense and fumigations for
physiological purposes, have been published as the means since the days of
Plato and Iamblichus in the West..." M L 282-3


Best wishes, 


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