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Oct 06, 2005 06:02 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/6/2005 4:49 AM

Dear G, Z, (myself too) , etc... 

Are we not all brothers in this -- seekers and friends?  

I used Judge's The OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY because it is deceptive in its
simplicity, and yet provides an accurate view of the esoteric that ever
underlies and animates the "exoteric."  

I have found it to be a true and most useful epitome of the S D. It does
not eclipse any of the statements made there, but offers those for

I will try and write below what I secure from its study (of course along
with the rest of our Theosophical literature).

Synthesis, and not analysis is the key to the theosophical presentation of
the occult and the esoteric as I understand it, and have to some extent
traced it. 

This modern effort began with ISIS UNVEILED, then, the SECRET DOCTRINE and
The KEY TO THEOSOPHY, and finally we have that real treasure for disciples
and esotericists: The VOICE OF THE SILENCE. If we are able to secure and
read seriatim the magazines THEOSOPHIST (1879....), PATH (1886-96), LUCIFER
(1887-97), we find they bring to us a view of the effect they had on the
living, thinking world of that time.  

Since then, the magazines long in publication : THEOSOPHY (Los Angeles - 93
years) and the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (Bombay - 73 years) carry on the
tradition of reprinting, commenting on, and studying the "original teachings
of THEOSOPHY," and such changes and discoveries as are made currently that
relate to those. 

We may subdivide the Universe in terms of functions and capacities,
faculties and principles, and give names and describe the various
correlative actions therein and thereon, but nomination alone says little to
another who is not yet able to grasp the basics, and those paradoxical
correlates that commence in the remote fastness of the ever-present, and yet
totally englobing ONE SPIRIT -- and which simultaneously ramify within
those illimitable limits to every sentient point.  

Indeed who knows the ultimate divisions of time? Who can offer a dimension
in size for a Monad ? Whop can define the origin, purpose and final
resolution of any living being? What is a "life atom?" Why are we ever
forced to use metaphors? Why is it that "maya" -- the fleeting illusion of
a "reality" that immediately passes into memory and changes for ever as IT
progresses -- where?

This concept THEOSOPHY presents of the Universe is difficult for the
embodied mind we commonly use, to accept. We seem to desire to put limits
on everything -- and when confronted with unlimited SPACE and illimitable
active participants, we tend to "stop thinking." Also we have been oriented
since childhood to think of material evidence as solely reliable.

As we are going to study THEOSOPHY together, we soon realize that the
doctrines interpenetrate and interlock, just as Nature (the Universe ) uses
a single set of rules and laws to administer all its components, taking into
highly sensitive account their own integrity and recognizing in them an
individual existence as ancient as its own. The two are co-existent. In
other words the PRIME Monad is both a singularity and an infinite
multiplicity. Singular in SPIRIT, and multiple in material expressions of
that ONE ( and here we have diversity as these "living mirrors" of
necessity have their own locations -- and consequently their own facets of
reflection and refraction as they serve as transmitters to others around

As I see it: The whole trend of universal "government" is towards harmony,
and an active brotherly assistance between the immortal Monads, wherever
they may find themselves located, under their individual thread of Karma.
The apparent level of responsibility of individual Monads is always the
current level required to achieve the symphony of the ever-progressive

Perhaps, if we could use the analogy of a Universal MIND we might grasp, by
tracing the outline of an analogy with our own brain and its operations,
some idea of how the "small" patterns and reflects the "great." 

The reason for posting this (extracts from Mr. Judge's "Ocean") is that it
contains fundamental ideas culled from a deep study of the SECRET DOCTRINE.

I am continually astonished at the marvelous patterns of self-educative
self-development, opened to every immortal Monad, and said to be persisting
for aeons of time. These must envision many stages of growth and the use of
various faculties, such as: [TRUTH -- as ultimate WISDOM -- ATMA,
intuition (Buddhi), mind and thinking, logic and imagination (higher and
lower Manas), emotion, desire and passion (Kama), life energy (as jiva and
prana), an electro-magnetic form that offers a more stable pattern (astral
body) for the accretion of those physical molecules so essential for a
living human (or any other) form to employ as a vehicle on our specific
material plane for the ultimate interior singular Monadic CONSCIOUSNESS. 

The SECRET DOCTRINE, apart from necessary metaphysics, traces the history of
these facts and ideas, using physical evidence and ancient records when
available, and the scale of a Manvantaric World development, and the
evolution of individualized consciousness, emotion, mind sensitivity and
responsive physical vehicles on our specific Earth.  

Applied to ourselves, it gives an idea of the complexity of our psychology
and offers explanations for the paradoxes that analysis alone encounters
[see S D I 181-2].

I hope this makes sense and can be considered as an explanation. There is
more than meets the eye of a casual reading in the "Ocean." Every time I go
back to the SECRET DOCTRINE to consider some meaning or explanation, I find
that there is an additional depth revealed and it has to be researched and
mastered (if possible).

We are (at least, I am trying) here, to learn about THEOSOPHY and see if it
has any reliability. The contrast? Were we not all educated into what we
have by now found to be a continually changing jumble of theories and
hypotheses that "authorities" have at some earlier date, decided were valid
and since then, have been forced to readjust? Many are the pieces of
evidence found that corroborate theosophical doctrines and statements, since
those "original" books and articles were published. 

Is not our continued study and cross questioning of one another the basis
for our current progress?  

Surely one life alone is inadequate for the securing of a total TRUTH ? If
so, how, and where, do we accumulate the fruits of our labors? 

Best wishes, 


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From: Gerald 
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 8:13 PM

<<This is a necessary introduction to the Theosophical concept of the 
"Astral Plane and the Astral Man." >>

Dal, necessary for whom?

Jerry S.

PS Do you really think that posting Judge's Ocean helps? Ocean is
exoteric, and was written specifically for newbies, and is good for newbies
to get them started, but is very limited in any kind of esotericism or

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