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Rebuilding America's Atlantis

Oct 04, 2005 03:58 PM
by leonmaurer

Here's an ominous view of America's future to think about... Scary -- and 
they call this a "free country". What's next?

Jack-booted tyranny amid chaos - and ignorance

In the last two Daily Doses, I've talked about things New Orleans residents 
should do to protect themselves from harm in the aftermath of Katrina. I've 
saved the most important thing for last, of course. And not to add to the 
political fallout from the storm, but that "most important thing" is this:

Get a gun.

Yep, that's right. I think the most important thing any law-abiding citizen 
should have in their possession in Armageddon-ish New Orleans is a firearm. The 
thugs and looters all have them - you should, too. Especially if you have 
anything valuable to protect, like a generator, food, water, a running vehicle or 
a young daughter.

But hold the phone: Apparently, the city itself isn't the only thing to have 
washed down the river in Katrina's wrath. New Orleanians' Constitutional 
rights did, too. According to many sources in the alternative press (but precious 
few in the mainstream media - go figure), the right of lawful citizens to 
defend themselves and their property went swirling down the drain soon after the 
rains stopped!

According to an Associated Press article - one of the few mainstream news 
pieces I could find cited on the subject - the New Orleans Chief of Police 
mandated that "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons." At least one TV 
news broadcast showed National Guard units going door to door (busting a few of 
them down, I might add) in search of even LAWFULLY OWNED weapons. One source I 
read quoted a Guardsman as saying: "It's surreal. You never expect to do this 
in your own country."
This, while illegally armed thugs roamed the streets thieving and pillaging 
like Vikings!

How backwards (yet typical) is this bull-hockey? First, the government 
heedlessly allows the city of New Orleans to dwell inadequately protected from the 
monster storm it knows is coming one day. Then, it utterly botches the relief 
effort, leaving citizens to fend for themselves amid death and anarchy. And 
once they're back on the scene, they take away the only means these poor souls 
have of defending themselves - while ignoring the real criminals who run amuck 
mere yards away!

You know what this is called, don't you - besides a tragic bastardization of 
the Constitution? It's called disarmament under martial law, and it's the 
first step toward a tyrannical state. At least it has been in Russia, Nazi 
Germany, China, Iraq and other such beacons of freedom and "democracy." Keep 

Next Medical Revolution on the Horizon

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Fifty years of research have given us mountains of studies and a wealth of 
new options to improve our health. The end result is that with so much to read, 
we're still not sure what to do about our rheumatoid arthritis or 
hypoglycemia! It's great to have a choice -- but which remedy do we choose?

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Despite the fact that many law-abiding citizens were doing exactly what the 
Constitution intended in times of crisis - banding together in armed, orderly, 
makeshift militias to protect their homes and families in the absence of 
government - they were treated as criminals and stripped of their rights once Big 
Brother got some semblance of his act together.

Think about this for a minute: Agents of the state and local government (the 
National Guard is a federal force, but called upon by a state's Governor) 
actively usurped the U.S. Constitution - and not only did they get away with it 
without violent incident, but NO ONE in the mainstream media is even squawking 
about it.

That's how deeply seated the irrational fear of armed citizens is in the 
modern U.S. of A.

How short our memories are - if we're reporters, that is (or politicians, 
i.e. police chiefs). Don't they remember that lawful firearms played a crucial 
role in public safety in the L.A. riots? Don't they remember how patrols of 
armed citizens kept whole neighborhoods safe in the aftermath of 1992's Hurricane 
Andrew, which until Katrina was the costliest disaster in American history?

They do remember, of course. But they don't care. Stories of defenseless 
victims of crime on lawless city streets make for better headlines than stories of 
living heroes and dead or apprehended criminals.

I'm telling you, folks: Things are quickly changing out there, and not for 
the better. Katrina has simply brought some of these changes into sharper focus. 
For one thing, we as citizens have clearly forgotten what our rights are. 
Because of this, the government at all levels can more and more easily strip them 
away - especially when the media is their willing accomplice instead of the 
watchdog for your rights that it's supposed to be.

Bottom line: If you don't start arming yourself with knowledge of what your 
true rights are under your Constitution - and start voting that way, too - you 
won't be able to arm yourself for real when disaster strikes YOUR 

Up in arms - and arming up,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD

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