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RE: Pseudo-Theosophy versus Real Theosophy

Oct 02, 2005 02:44 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/2/2005 1:08 PM

Dear Gerry:

RE: Pseudo-Theosophy versus Real Theosophy

DTB	If the term "Pseudo-Theosophy" sounds too condemnatory, I used it
because those who might read / study/ learn from books or literature that
has been "revised" or "re-expressed" by secondary levels of students
(including myself therein of course) ought to be made aware in advance of
any such changes.

I do not inquire into the motives of those who introduced changes. Suffice
that due NOTICE be made IN ADVANCE of them.

Failing this, the evil head of AUTHORITY, arises. I deem it fair to say
that when that occurs, the student is trying (consciously or unconsciously)
to replace and substitute his / her understanding for that of the Teacher /
Messenger whose duty it is /was to make the Ancient Wisdom available again
for the current crop of inquirers as they reincarnate in these later

Needless to add that if there is an "esoteric" content embodied in those
"original teachings" it may be distorted by modifications -- and students,
relying on that as a commencement, as a door-way, in these modern days to
the SANATANA DHARMA (DHAMMO), may be misled. We have to ask for fairness
for them. 

HPB makes it plain, and so do all who honor and try to strictly "follow" her
lead, that the original version of the Masters' Teachings (and this includes
the Buddha's) are the safest.

Best wishes, 



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From: Gerald 
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 12:36 PM
Subject: Psudo-Theosophy versus Real Theosophy

<<DTB ORIGINAL TEACHINGS are most important if new students desire to
discover if THEOSOPHY is valid.>>

GS	I think that perhaps when you seek for validity in the written word,
are seeking in the wrong place, Dal. Vaidity is established in the heart,
not in the head.

DTB	<<Our work is to "pass along" (faithfully, diligently and
accurately) the
treasures received I trust. Not all may view THEOSOPHY as a "treasure !" >>

GS	This TS "purpose" is adopted by the Pasadena branch as well. This
is what
I call the library function of the TSs, and it is a valid one. However, it
should not over-ride the main purpose, that of establishing a universal
brotherhood. And universal brotherhood will never be established so long as
we keep pointing fingers and slinging mud at each other.

DTB	<<Study is a voluntary effort carried on by enthusiasts who are
for Truth." >>

GS	Yes, but any seeker for truth who studies hard enough will be able
to know
the original from the psudo and will soon sift the chaff from the wheat. I
did. Calling the chaff "lies" does not help the seeker, who would prefer to
discover for herself, nor does it help bring about brotherhood.

DTB	<<Each one makes their own contact, and develops their own
understanding of
the propositions offered. There is no enforcement, no "supervision." >>

GS	Calling pseudo-theosophy "lies" or even "distortions" shows a bias
that is a
form of supervision, Dal. When you guide the seeking of a seeker this way,
you are supervising that seeker and attemtping to control/direct her
growth. Lets call psudo-theosophy what it is, an interpretation of the
original writings, and quit projecting our own feelings and biases onto it.


DTB	Agreed so long as this is made plain in advance.


DTB	<< BROTHERHOOD is for me, an every-day attitude. It is based on the
concept of the immortality of the inner Monad. >>

GS	As long as one maintains a view wherein the original writings are
Theosophy and everything else is Psudo-Theosophy, there can be no
brotherhood and saying so is hypocritical. This kind of brotherhood is one
of agreement -- it says, "Agree with me and we are brothers, disagree and
you are a liar and a Black Brother." This is not what HPB envisioned by
her "universal brotherhood" and yet I see it going on today in her


DTB	"Brotherhood" does not include condoning pretense.

Secondary students [having knowledge limited to this incarnation alone]
cannot pretend to silently (and secretly) amend the original teachings
without being exposed for that kind of surreptitious alteration, and
incidentally exposing themselves as apparently posing to be more
"knowledgeable" than the Great Teachers who are IMMORTALS.


DTB	<<Individuals may share with each other their discoveries with a
view to
securing greater depth and reassurance of concurrent views or the reverse.

GS	Such sharing cannot be expected to reach agrreements. Different
interpretation will alway appear, and it is at that time when real
universal brotherhood can show itself, or hypocracy; one or the other. If
we are tolerant and understanding in the face of opposing viewpoints, then
we are practicing brotherhood. \\


DTB	To me hypocrisy is concealment and pretense.


Jerry S.

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