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Theosophical study as ongoing dynamic process

Dec 31, 2004 09:11 PM
by Perry Coles

My own approach to the study of not only theosophy but any subject is
to remember that as much as you may know or think you know something
for one thing you may be completely wrong and for another there is
always an endless amount more to discover.

The key for me is what kind of mindset is it that is being developed
in me.
Is it a mindset that is always able to genuinely look at a long held
belief or firmly entrenched idea completely differently and freshly?

Is it a mindset that is looking to be rescued and looking for
certainty or one of fluidity and that is able to see a challenge to my
beliefs as an opportunity rather than an affront.
Very often our ideas become our identity and our beliefs our tower of
The worship of personalities is always problematic as the rational
mind becomes blinded by devotional feelings.

Any writer needs to be assessed by the credibility of what they write
rather than our particular devotion bent we may feel towards them.

Devotion to a personality I've found is a major trap as otherwise very
rational and intelligent people can become completely irrational and
sacrifice reason and more importantly compassion and truth at the
lotus feet of devotion.

As we discover more of the underbelly of our theosophical history with
the advent of the internet and the fast tracking of information I hope
we as theosophical students can try and look at this information with
fresh and alert minds and not fall into the trap of devotional wishful
thing or protectionism.

Lets keep these dialogues open and not be afraid of constructive
criticism or new information that we may find personally uncomfortable.

If we are `right' or `wrong' surely it is of secondary importance to a
more expansive understanding.

If we discover information that HPB and the Mahatmas were wrong we
should welcome this information as it may set us on a clearer path.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year !


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