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Re: Theos-World Re: Brotherhood & Truth

Dec 30, 2004 03:19 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Zakk
May I use what you have written? It explains, better than I ever could about Truth and Brotherhood and may be helpful for others who are looking for truth within themselves.


christinaleestemaker <> wrote:

--- In, "Zakk Duffany" 
You hit the nail on his head!
> Thoughts on Brotherhood & Truth, ideals of Theosophy : 
> Brotherhood : Brotherhood is a term which represents a relationship.
> This relationship consists of the communing of brothers. Compassion
> is experienced within that relationship. Respect for one another 
> is descriptive of brotherhood. Acceptance of one another even though
> there be differences, whether it refers to the physical body, the 
> ideals, or the perspectives of the individual. Brotherhood unifies, 
> together individuals into an aspect of oneness. Who participates in 
> brotherhood? Is it not one who practices the meaning of brotherhood
> versus one who only voices the statement "I am a brother and you are
> my brother."? The individual who condemns another, whether it be 
> towards one's appearance, culture, perspectives, or personal 
> is not seen as expressing brotherhood. The acceptance and allowance 
> for another to think freely expresses brotherhood. One does not 
need to
> agree with another to accept another. Brothers have discussions and
> share thoughts. Argueing and attempting to impose one's way of 
> upon another is not a defining or action of brotherhood.
> Question : Why would an Adept or Master reveal his/her identity 
> participate in an organization that proclaims brotherhood but does 
> practice it? Why would an Adept or Master reveal more knowledge to
> that organization? Does a child run before it walks? Walk before
> crawling? Until one practices what one knows and is successful, 
> not the next step remain unrevealed? What use is more knowledge to 
> who can not assimulate and put forth what is already known?
> Truth : Truth is realized through personal discernment. Truth is 
> realized by one imposing upon another. Imposing upon another, 
> another, offending another are all methods of distancing another 
> the Truths one may express. Who would wish to distance another from
> Truth? The sharing and discussions done through the aspect of 
> promotes personal discernment of Truths. Truths through personal
> discernment are realized by each individual in their own time. Why 
> another? 
> Below is an excerpt from a writing called A Threefold Path To 
> Seek Truth - Search for that which is true. Not only the truth in 
which you 
> see, but the truth that others see. This entails many perspectives. 
Use an 
> eye that is open, an ear that is open. In keeping yours open, you 
will also be 
> open to the eye and ear of others. This allows for a greater range 
of truth 
> to be recognized. Speak truth. In seeing, hearing, and speaking 
truth, you 
> will touch upon the truth in it's fulness. If one were to see a 
shirt that is 
> seen to be blue, and another says it is not blue; seek to find the 
truth in the
> other's statement. If you can not see it, do not say "What you say 
is false", 
> but instead, say "I do not see the truth in what you say". The 
> response is a truer statement. The other, who said the shirt is not 
blue, could 
> be seeing a truth also. He could be colorblind. Or he could be 
thinking that 
> the shirt is reflecting blue light, giving it a blue appearance, 
while in actuality, 
> the shirt is every color but blue. Blue is the only color the shirt 
is not, for 
> every color is absorbed into it except that which is reflected and 
taken in by
> the eye. There is truth in all things. Only by seeking the truth in 
all things, 
> can you see the truth in all things. This is the sincere seeker of 
> Seek not for what is false, for then you will be a seeker of that 
> is false. Your focus will be in the opposite direction of truth. 
You will 
> become a knower of falsehoods instead of a knower of truth. 
> will overshadow truth, instead of truth overshadowing falsehoods. 
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