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Re: Theos-World How fractal evolution works - part 2

Dec 29, 2004 11:21 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Leon
Nothing to fret about when you put it like that. I bet I know what your first question will be !!!
ps had a quiet cackle over the jokes wrote:

Dear Cass,

I wouldn't worry about it. When we shuck off this body and all its 
inhibitive and noise making senses, we will hear the "Voice of the Silence" of the 
thinker who thinks about us, and we can ask it anything we wish to... And, get a 
straight answer directly from the horses mouth. 

We also won't be lonely, since we'll be in the company of everyone we ever 
knew abd loved in our heart. Could they be in any other mind's thoughts than we 
are in and always will be? Besides, we will have already worked through our 
memory of this life and its karmic lessons the moment we shuffle off through 
the gate, and have plenty of time to ruminate about what we have to do in the 
next life to mediate the karma we left behind in this one. What more 
verification of our own existence than that do we need?

>From a scientific point of view, how can we be less than the absolute 
zero-point and its surrounding infinite abstract motion or spinergy -- that must 
always carry and retain in its patterns of vibrations the entire holistic memory 
of all the thoughts and actions of whatever was, is, and will be? So, how can 
our individual existence and its experiences ever be lost? When that 
pre-thought memory awakens, won't every individual ray of consciousness emanating from 
it go back to wherever they left off during the last awakening -- to continue 
on from there? Could there be any other way, for any being that was 
Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, to carry on with the game of life? If not, 
then how could it and everything in it's memory, and later, thoughts, not exist 
forever -- even if only in its mind? 

So, what's there to fret about?


In a message dated 12/28/04 9:02:09 PM, writes:

>Dear Leon
>Another question,
>It seems to me that we, like IT, are in manifestation to "know that we
>know ourselves". When we die and are in a purely subjective state we cannot
>verify our own existence but only know that subjective state of all knowing
>without verification (when we are dead). I am not looking forward to that,
>a little centre of consciousness, ruminating on past lives and ,making
>vows to "do things differently, next time", without being able to say to
>someone, "Hey, what do you think?"
>>From a little point of consciousnessess point of view, I think it could
>get pretty lonely being omniscient.
> wrote:
>Dear Cass, 
>Since you seem to get the point, I have no wonder about where you are coming
>from. You are right, the knowing flows in both directions, the manifestation
>(us) must know itself while the self (it) that created the manifestation 
>know its creation. That is the nature of thought thinking within itself...
>And, why we know we are conscious and know that we know we are conscious.
>Thus, the thinker in us is the thought of the thinker who thought us up. I 
>that clears things up a bit about where I'm coming from. :-) 

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