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Re: Theos-World re Zakk's "Brotherhood & Truth"

Dec 28, 2004 07:54 PM
by Zakk Duffany

Zakk wrote, in part: <<Thoughts on Brotherhood & Truth, ideals of Theosophy : >>

Mauri wrote, in part : Okay, but I wonder if some students of Theosophy might prefer what to them might seem like a somewhat less sexually biased-sounding word/s in place of "brotherhood" in that context, seeing as this is the 21st century, (among other things ...). <<
The term brother can be taken as a male. It can also
be defined as a fellow member of a race, profession, org.,
etc. Brotherly can be defined as friendly versus a depicting
of a male. The intent from it's usage usually assists in the
defining. Although I do not have any issue with using another
term instead of brotherhood, I simply do not know of any that is used. I think it may be a mind that is biased-based that would take the term in a bias manner, no matter what century one may be experiencing. In the past I have used
the term siblings versus brothers on many ocassions. To
incorporate that into the term siblinghood may appease
the sexually or gender orientated. I do not know. Until
another term is accepted and utilized in replacement of brotherhood, how is one to refer to it? I would be quite
open to suggestions. I do not think that the students of
Theosophy would prefer eliminating the term brotherhood
from written material and replacing it with another. What
the term entails, and what is meant by it, is clearly expressed
in the writings. There may exist many terms in which an
individual may find biased or improper or something
similar. How many terms should be replaced or redefined
to satisfy all persons? Is it even possible? It would seem
easier to accept the meaning of the term in which it is presented. It is not that I do not understand that in which
you saying, but if one word is justified in changing, why not
two? Or three? Or a hundred? I personally have no
preference to terms as long as the meaning is clear so communication can be also. I am only looking at the possible complications that can arise.

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