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re religions and Theosophy

Dec 25, 2004 04:37 PM
by Mauri

Anand wrote, in part: <<The truth in you recognises the truth outside you, when once the inner vision is open. Hence, in the Society, the study of the great fundamental truths of all religions is one of its objects. Members are not asked whether they believe in them or not. They are left to study them, in the full conviction that just as when the eyes are open the man who is not blind sees by the light of the sun, he is not asked to believe in the light, so is truth in the mental world. As soon as the eyes of the inner nature, the eyes of the intellect, are open, it is not a question of argument, but a question of sight.>>

Okay, but seems to me that the definition-in-practice (as opposed to some more static or dictionary definition) of the word "study" in that context---where what might be called "Theosophical studies" are contrasted with studies about religions, especially of the orthodox variety---would often tend to be keyish. Is keyish as I tend to see it. At any rate I tend to be generally somewhat disinterested in applying formal or traditional study methods towards religions in general, possibly feeling intuitively (I'm speculating or intuiting, I think ...) that some orthodox elements (especially some orthodox elements) in religious views (unlike in Theosophy) might be somewhat counter to certain key principles to be found in Theosophy. Not that one might not find basics of some sort, in some sense, that might seem as "compatible enough," in some sense, maybe, between even orthodox religious elements and Theosophy ... But ... Is there a "but" there ... Not that "brotherhood" doesn't make sense to me. But how far can one go down some "brotherhood road" (in the name of some religion, Theosophy or whatever) before feeling that one has gone too far, in some sense, maybe ... I wonder. I suspect that those kinds of concerns generally tend to be highly individual in bottom-line terms, and that that's why in Theosophy there's an emphasis on individual efforts, taking into account individual karma.

^:-/ ...

PS that's my symbol for a speculative guy who thought he might've had something important enough to say, but wound up scratching his head. Sorry about that.

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