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Re: re "everyone have a happy holiday season"

Dec 22, 2004 05:19 PM
by silva_cass

Dear Mauri,
I agree with you, but my mother would say about Christmas, at least 
it is one day of the year that we can all try to be happy.

--- In, Mauri <mhart@i...> wrote:
> Somebody said: "Everyone have a happy 
> holiday season."
> when people say things like that I start 
> wondering about the rest of the year. I 
> mean, if one sets aside a particular 
> time of year in which to be "happy," 
> (whatever that might mean more 
> specifically), then wouldn't that 
> automatically set up a chain reaction in 
> a dualistic world, making for "unhappy" 
> times ahead ... Anyway, I'm trying not 
> to be too happy or too sad or too 
> anything. So I guess I'm wishing 
> everyone sort of middle-of-the-road 
> things that aren't too seasonal or too 
> unseasonal.
> ^:-/ ...
> Mauri

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