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Theos-World Re: [bn-study] help needed Transfusions and Bab 5

Dec 22, 2004 07:42 AM
by Perry Coles

Hi John,
That's a good way of looking at it.
I am a big fan of Babylon 5 myself, its full of theosophical concepts.

Anyone you hasn't watch the series it's a good idea to work yourself
forward from the start rather than watch the series haphazardly as the
story line arcs and gets more and more interesting as the series unfolds.


--- In, "john, webmaster," <John@G...> wrote:
> Perry wrote:
> > If we all of a sudden get a taste for rap music or MacDonald's,
> > well so be it I am still the same person underneath.
> > And have been given an extra opportunity to work though karma
> > and hopefully be of service to others in some way.
> > If we only look at a negative then that's all we'll see.
> In my opinion, if a person suddenly got a taste for rap music, it
just might mean that the person is "ready" for that part of his
spiritual path. It is interesting where one can find spiritual
enlightenment if one searches for it with an open mind. I know I find
lots of enlightenment in strange places, like on the TV Series
"Babylon Five" (my short review of the series is posted at
> Recently, I discovered some DVDs that show promise in showing
different points of view. The series is mentioned in my signature
below. The issue of the DVD that I reviewed had two different looks at
the presence of recently departed spirits (one in the survivor's mind
(in a short feature), the other actually showing its presence with
moving items (in the feature length film) and a very nice exposure to
Tibetan Buddhism and a few of their ceremonies (I was impressed that
one monk could actually jump into the air and land with his feet on
top of his knees, can't remember the position name as I write this in
the air above St Louis enroute to Tampa for the holidays).)
> -- 
> John, webmaster
> and
> P.S. Are you looking for a great gift for the spiritual someone on your
> list? (Or for yourself?)
> Look no further.
> or:
> I checked out one month's worth of DVDs and loved every minute. And I
> really appreciated the fact that they didn't try to promote just one
> point of view.

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