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Dec 20, 2004 02:49 PM
by Iain

As a 98 pint donor of blood /plasma/platlets I dont think my Karma has dimminished,As the donations are given annonomously I keep looking out for people wheather they are premature babies requiring a teaspoonful of blood too RTA or assault victims needing several pints I dont think it matters what ever Karma is there it will be diluted by the recipients own body fluids, I have not come accross any misfortunates who have taken on my characteristics .I do not see them wandering aimlessly in town,bewildered, bamboozled & etc, or to be found at parties asking " Do I come here often?!!!"
I am of the opinion that blood/organs can be used to give or sustain life is the greatest gift that anyone can give, if you pass on some form of Karma it can only be good if that touch of spirit gives life to a body so that body shall flourish and develop, that it does not touch it withers and dies.

The last Jehovah's Witness that strayed to my door was a young lad who enquired of me "Good morning sir, But do you lead the life of Christ?" I replied "Listen son, with my wife I don't even lead the life of a dog!!!"
cheers Iain

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