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re Theosophy, lost civilizations

Dec 19, 2004 08:06 AM
by Mauri

Seems to me that one might also find lots of esoteric flavoring in Graham Hancock's FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS. Towards the end of the book he tell's of how the last "ice age" was in keeping with where the positions of the poles were then (prior to about 13000 years ago, in very round numbers) so that lands that are now under ice in the Antarctic would have been habitable then. He says the north pole then was around the Hudson's Bay area. In other words today's continent of Antarctic could have been the fabled "Atlantis." Hancock, with help from geologists and scientists, seems to be leaning toward the theory that there may have been about a 30 degrees of arc shift in the earth's lithosphere (3 mile thick outer layer) that resulted in the shifting of the poles with respect to major land masses, resulting in the most recent "ice age." The shift having been promoted by the build up of ice in the poles. (Today's "ice age" being farther north, in and north of Canada, and farther south in the Antarctic.)

Page 474: <<Plate-tectonics and Charles Hapgood's earth-crust displacement theory are by no means mutually contradictory. Hapgood envisaged that both could occur: that the earth's crust did indeed exhibit continental drift as the geologists claimed---almost imperceptibly, over hundreds of millions of years---but that it also occasionally experienced very rapid one-piece displamements which had no effect on the relationships between individual landmasses but which thrust entire continents (or parts of them) into and out of the planet's two fixed polar zones(the perennially cold and icy regions surrounding the North and South Poles of the axis of spin).>>

Seems to me that some areas of the Antarctic might eventually yield som interesting clues about a lost civilization.

Anyway, Hancock seems to feel, (and I tend to agree, if somewhat speculatively ...), that there are numerous pre-dynastic ("prehistoric") structures in Egypt that, on closer examination/interpretation, (as extensively detailed in FINGERPRINTS IN THE GODS), might yield that the so called "gods" or Neteru of the First Time or Zep Tepi in ancient Egypt (before and after the last "ice age," counter to the orthodox/linear bias) built structures as a form of communication for those who would be able to read them in the (distant ...) future, alerting humans (as I tend to interpet Hancock's words) to the bigger picture of evolution, Evolution, "Higher" realities, Theosophy and the Esoteric/Wisdom Tradition.


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