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Re: Theos-World John Edwards and Van Praagh at TV -- Khristar

Dec 14, 2004 03:38 PM
by Towers1209

krishtar <> wrote:


I got astonished by the TV show in which the english pseudo-psychic John Edwards claims and ( broadcasts ) his " contacts" with the Dead relatives form his audience... 


Pseudo-psychic? How do you know? Any proof?

Besides, John Edwards is not English, he is an American from LonggEyeland (thatís the usual local pronunciation of Long Island by the locals. Tell them that, and they will respond with, "Really? Nooo. I donít say it that way. I say ĎLong Islandí ")


The men are promulgating the same teachings and POVīs from the kardecist spiritists...but using trickery to atract the attention.


Trickery? Again, how do you know? Any proof?


The reason I am asking this is not to attack you. But simply asking for proof.  


For a University of Arizona study by Dr. Gary Schwartz on the so-called psychics, including John Edwards, please see Edwards had one of the highest hit percentage among those tested.  


Some links that has reviews on the book and John Edwards are the ff:



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