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Re: Theos-World A Poem and an Explanation

Dec 14, 2004 06:54 AM
by Andrew W. Smith

--- In, "silva_cass" <silva_cass@y...> 
> Dear Andrew
> I have read that the Quran is a moral and ethical guide for its 
> followers. How does the Quran explain Allah? Is Allah 
a "personal 
> god"?
> Cass
Cass, you can read for yourself, there are many editions of the 
Qur'an on the NET (I'll add a URL below). Allah is not like old 
Jehovah or Jesus or even Buddha (who was an agnostic, but who was 
turned into a god by his followers), but is absolutely unique, what 
science might call a "singularity." All is Beneficent, Merciful, the 
Cherisher of His followers, and loves all that He has created. He 
has allowed humankind the freedom to prove their worthiness for 
rewards or for punishment for their sins. What I like the best is 
His "Tawhid" or Oneness, Absolute Unity, pure Monotheism. There is 
no "trinity" in Him, and there are no other gods to confuse things. 
I think you may have read or heard some terrible things about the 
Qur'an, but it's not there. The Qur'an is a pure and wonderful Book 
to me and to millions of others. I can only recommedn that you you 
read it for yourself.


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