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Re: Theos-World Creating "God"

Dec 12, 2004 11:16 PM
by samblo

So you think the Borg are Sci-fi do you? Well, let me say the Borg are 
well established and have been for quite a while. Consider the following.
Who do you think created that fabulous Broadway Musical "Borgy and Bess?"
Haven't you ever drank that certified Wine "Borg and David?"
Or have you never bought a Borg and Warner Tool or Auto Part?
Haven't you ever stopped to have a delicious burger at Borger King?
Who do you think put Walt Disney up to making that Cartoon "Borgy Pig?"
Why does every little Hamlet in Germany have a Borgameister? 
Who do you think that famous Actor Ernest Borg-nine really was?


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