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Re: Theos-World Creating "God"

Dec 11, 2004 05:40 PM
by krishtar

Hi Friend
Though I havenīt read this book which I own in an electronic Spanish version, I have a closely view but not that we are invent-ING, build-ING up a God.
I gess that amost totality of humankind has already DONE it for centuries...
One good example are the visions of God in the Bible through the lips of the ancient psychic whom many call prophets, always antropomorphizing Him.
When one tries to prove by reasoning an explanation of a non-personal God, one is labeled atheist by those who have this antropomorphized view.
The most popular vision of God in the globe is still this way.
Andrew Smith wrote:

I have run across several books that advocate that we, humanity, are in theprocess of "creating God" in some way. Have any of you seen this anywhere? I found it in "The Urantia Book" where it talks about "The Supreme Being" and also in Harold Percival's "Thinking and Destiny." (Both are available free on the net. I can furnish the URLs if necessary) I guess the theory is that as we collectively progress in an evolutionary way, we bind together to create a "super Being" of some sort. Note that this is not the Mormon doctrine where we each become Gods, but an evolutionary idea where we are collectively "God". This sounds almost like "The Borg" of scifi fame. Have any of you heard of this or does anyone else advocate it? I'm fascinated by this concept.

Al-Hallaj Kabir Ali
"May you live in interesting times!"

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