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Re: Theosophical Question -- re: HPB prophesy

Dec 07, 2004 05:49 PM
by leonmaurer

To Koshek, Dallas, et al,

My response is below. LHM

In a message dated 11/30/04 7:51:31 AM, writes:

>Hello Leon,
>I have a question.
>Long ago I read somewhere, and I can only paraphrase, HPB that the "final
>verification of the ancient wisdom teachings will not come from theosophists,
> - but from men of science." 
>Now I've been looking for the quote but haven't been able to find it. Perhaps
>HPB said something completely different but I am remembering it wrong.
>Any clue?

I remember reading something like that, too -- but I don't recall where. 

Actually, I think she said that scientists (and particularly those of 
physiology and biochemistry) will eventually come to the theosophical view all by 
themselves. And, when they do, it will be the final proof and verification of the 
teachings that the ordinary man will have to believe... Or something to that 
effect. (Maybe Dallas can give us the exact quote or quotes.) 

That day should arrive soon... When science comes up with a proof of the 
current Superstring/M-theories that postulate the same (3 + 7) multidimensional 
hyperspace (coadunate but not consubstantial) fields that theosophy talks about 
-- and links them to consciousness (awareness, will, etc.) that is inherent in 
the zero-point centers of those fields. 

Those developments will parallel imminent (if not current) new discoveries 
about the "field information" nature of the DNA code that forms the hologram of 
the body image -- reflected coenergetically through the next higher hyperspace 
field (Astral body) -- that tells the proteins made in the physical body 
where to go. This, I suppose, is where "physiology" and "chemistry" (which is 
also a part of physics) comes in... And will be the final clincher linking all 
the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) with theosophical 
metaphysics -- to fulfill HPB's prophesy. 

My guess is that all this will come to light around the time the Mayan 
calendar predicts a great world change (or catastrophe) will occur of one sort or 
another. Let's hope it's this rather than that. :-) 

Best wishes,


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