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Welcome Kamal

Dec 06, 2004 04:53 AM
by krishtar

Subject: Welcome Kamal

Deal Kamal and Regina
We are glad to have you among us and I am sure you can contribute and trademany views with us, not only due to your being an indian citizen, a Theosophy student but the interesting background you seem to have got.
I am Krishtar, from Brazil, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, free student of theosophy and a lover of indian culture and writings.
I, like many, donīt have enough time to read and write on the computer everyday, this group posts a lot, but whenever is possible I read, follow andgive my opinions.
Iīve been reading the SD in the original 1988 version for the first time , all I read was the later "revised" version and translated into our mothertongue, Portuguese.
I also have been reading and then translating The ocean of Theosophy by WQ Judge.
The great majority of the Theos. books here are from the new theosophers after HPB but now is very easy to get the online versions and CDRom media avaiable.
Feel free to post your views to us;
Best wishes


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