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re crop circles and symbology

Dec 05, 2004 09:29 PM
by Mauri

re crop circles and symbology

Definitions re symbology, I suspect, might often enough tend to get more or less drawn toward various conventional notions, and where conventional (especially orthodox) notions might be seen as having presented a problem of sorts (in whatever "more specific" sense/context, as might be seen to be suggested by, say, Theosophical notions/modeling in contrast to the likes of, say, "dumbing down and corporatizing," eg ...) ... then, as I tend to see it, there might be limits to the means by which certain kinds of effects/influences might be prompted, I'm speculating. So I'm wondering if, maybe, that kind of situation might be justification (from the perspective of w/Whoever ...) for the production of phenomena that might be expected (by w/Whoever ...) to speak
somewhat indirectly (by-passing conventional notions about symbols, per se ...) by somehow possibly alerting/reminding (even non-students of Theosophy, maybe ...) that a greater reality exists, transcending even, among other things, the widespead tendency/practice of dumbing down and corporatizing, and possibly transcending even some orthodox religious views, among other things ...


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