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RE: The Question of Power.

Dec 05, 2004 06:20 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 5 2004

Dear Friends:

May I interject some ideas?

The motto adopted by the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY is



THEOSOPHY is not to be confused with the opinions held concerning
the life and activities of those who are connected with or associated with
THEOSOPHY the ancient philosophy.

Theosophy is said to be as ancient as the Universe, and to be a record of
the history of the reincarnation of Universes, as well as of man-bearing
Worlds, such as ours.

It records therefore the birth and "creation" of all Universes, galaxies,
Solar Systems, worlds, human beings, etc.. and with equal skill, considers
the importance of atoms, molecules and their smallest components.

It views our universe and world as examples of fields of evolution rules by
exact and sensitive laws that serve to protect and sustain all beings of
whatever kind or degree, visible or invisible.

It is for the "members" and the whole of humanity to APPLY.  

Otherwise, the membership (through its many members) deals in hypocrisy,

If one thinks of "power," then the only possible power of any value to a
member, or to anyone alive, is the power to control their lower selfish
self. [Kama]. It is the power of honesty in all affairs that transforms all
vices into VIRTUES. It is also a DUTY of "members" to diffuse a knowledge
of what THEOSOPHY is to all others. This is a serious matter.

The basis for this is the following.  

HPB makes it plain in all her writings.

1	The UNIVERSE is one WHOLE.

2	We as Minds and Immortal Beings are an indissoluble and essential
part of it. 

3	The rules and Laws of life are the same for all. They cannot be
broken, bent or subverted. No "Personal God" exists that has the power to do

4	The Universe, as "Nature," has established (since billions of years)
all the necessary laws and rules for co-existence. All beings of whatever
diversity or kind have lawful and well established relations with all the
rest. This has always been in existence, even if we have just become aware
of it, and of the responsibilities that are now ours, because of this

5	"Science" and scientists are continually finding evidence of this
fact: that the UNIVERSE has established these rules, and has administered
them honestly and fairly for all. In all cases, science continues to prove
and demonstrate this everywhere. Mankind is included in this orderliness. 

6	The "Laws Of Life" in the Universe, that science discovers, are
based on the immortality, and continuity through eternity, of basic atomic
and molecular energies. Atoms are not physical but trans-physical centers
of force. We are just beginning to discover the nature of those individual
basic powers, and their cooperative nature. 

7	The Soul / Spirit in Man is also immortal. The paradox of an
immortal entity (Individuality -- Higher Mind) living many lives in a
transitory physical body (personality -- Lower Mind) is the subject of
Theosophical and Universal psychology. Religions (as established
organizations) have deliberately obscured this fact. 

8	The laws of communal living (called ethics and morals) are also, at
base, an expression of the eternal and immutable laws of justice, honesty,
and brotherhood.

9	All Religions and Sciences are an expression of immutable and
eternal truths -- explained in various ways to many communities -- but on
careful examination and comparison, they will be seen to contain identical
truths about the whole of Life and the purpose of the Universe. 

10	The goal of Universal evolution is to achieve for every one of its
multitude of units, a perfection of knowledge embracing all aspects of
existence. It has no favorites, but all achieve levels of perfection
according to the efforts they exert. An expression of this fact is: "An
atom becomes a molecule, a molecule a stone, a stone becomes a plant, a
plant an animal, an animal a Man, and Man a GOD -- when has anyone lost an
power by such alterations?" 

In short any "power" individually attained, is to be kept unused until
others need it. It may not be employed selfishly for any personal advantage.

It ought to be clear that no "power" is entrusted to any individuals, either
in or out of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, until they have proved to Nature that
they are "harmless" to others in all circumstances.

THEOSOPHY as a philosophy and science, is a universal statement of facts.
It is for everyone in the world and universe. In our present era. its
primary exponents: The Masters, HPB and W. Q. Judge make this clear in all
they wrote. Their writings are available for all to study.

One might repeat:  

THEOSOPHY, is not a creed or dogma invented by theologians, by fallible men,
but ANCIENT and UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE. It is the cumulative testimony of an
innumerable, endless series of Seers. [S D I 272-3] It is not a
religion, not a creed nor does it have dogmas. It is not built on anything
but that ancient foundation upon which every one of the religions of the
world have been based.

Concerning the MASTERS, the Knowers of the Wisdom of the Universe, We find H
P B wrote:  

"Their spiritual visions, real explorations by, and through, physical and
spiritual senses untrammeled by blind flesh, were systematically checked and
compared one with the other, and their nature sifted. All that was not
corroborated by unanimous and collective experience was rejected, while that
only was recorded as established truth which, in various ages, under
different climes, and throughout an untold series of incessant observations,
was found to agree and receive constantly further corroboration." [Key, p.

"Let no man set up a popery instead of Theosophy, as this would be suicidal
and has ever ended most fatally" has been the plea of H.P.B. to students.
("Five Messages to American Theosophists" from H. P. Blavatsky. First
Students are invited to seek for and make their own in-depth study for of
all the keys H.P.B. gives out in her books: ISIS UNVEILED, SECRET DOCTRINE,
and other of her numerous articles pertaining to the roots of Christianity,
the pagan origins of Church rituals and dogmas. Of those Keys, we might
mention: the Anthropological, Mystical, Historical, Astrological,
Astronomical, Metaphysical, Cosmogonical, Psychical, Physiological,
Numerical, Ethnological Keys she has furnished in respect to both Old and
New Testaments, especially, the Book of Genesis, the Gospels and the
Revelations, and some Kabalistic texts.

Best wishes.


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From: robert searle 
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2004 1:32 PM
Subject: The Question of Power.

Dear All,

The problem of power and who takes it is not
something limited to the errings of certain careerist
Theosophists but can also be found in gurudom....and
indeed, in many other walks of life. 


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