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Re: [bn-study] Chapter 2, page 15 - Akasha and the Astral Light

Dec 02, 2004 11:37 PM
by leonmaurer

As an exercise in testing the correlation's of a post modern approach to 
scientific reasoning with the metaphysics of theosophy as presented in the Secret 
Doctrine and discussed here -- as well as opening the door to further comments 
and questions that might add to our understanding of these ideas and concepts 
-- I've inserted my comments based on the theory of Astro Biological 
Coenergetics (ABC) within the commentary below. 

In a message dated 11/30/04 8:22:04 PM, writes:

>Chapter 2, page 15
>7. Akasha and the Astral Light
> Here there is introduced a teaching that goes far beyond anything known
>to today's sciences. Although not easy to grasp at first, it will be found
>to throw much light on areas of experiences at present little understood
>even by psychology, for example, the mystical and psychic.
>It has been stated (in paragraph 4 above), that there is no such thing
>as empty space in the universe. Esoteric Science teaches that the entire 
>cosmos is pervaded by Akasha, primordial substance, or rather the noumenon
>- the non-sensuous reality - beyond substance. In the Theosophical 
>Glossary, Akasha (from a Sanskrit word meaning 'brilliant" or "luminous")
>is described as "the subtle, supersensuous spiritual essence which pervades
>all space." This primordial substance differentiates into all the forms of 
>matter, those of the invisible as of the visible regions of the universe.
>Hence the definition of Akasha as "the Universal Soul" ...from which all
>that exists is born by separation or differentiation. It is the cause of
>existence; it fills all the infinite Space."


[LM] This "spiritual essence" or "primordial substance" is the "abstract 
motion" that surrounds the primal zero-point "emptiness" -- which is reflected 
everywhere -- and is the center of all infinite Space, whether manifest or non 
manifest, subtle or gross... (Although, each field of consciousness or composite 
"being" in the universe has it own individual zero-point center, along with 
its own "abstract motion" or "spinergy," constituting its source of "life" 

This abstract motion or the "angular momentum" of pure "Spin" (of the 
zero-point, rapidly turning or cycling around itself at infinite velocities on an 
infinite number of axes), is the primal Force ("Spinergy") -- that is the root of 
all manifest energies on all planes or fields of consciousness. Since, this 
infinite spin can carry information encoded as holographic interference 
patterns in its velocities as well as its radial pulsation's (or ZP spins on 
perpedicular axes) --it is the root of the Akasha that carries the entire memory of 
all prior Manvantara experiences, as well as the construction plans or "genetic 
code" of the entire Cosmos, as well as all the potential beings in it. One 
basic premise is that -- since Absolute Space must be infinitely divisible -- 
so must be the "spinergy" that surrounds every infinite zero-point that, 
paradoxically (from a physical or linear-space-time point of view) must all be in 
the same place, or spatial location, prior to manifestation. That is, before 
the emanation of the Cosmos, the birth of any Quasar, or prior to the Big bang 
(that Science wrongly assumes was the beginning of this physical universe 

When the primal or noumenal "spinergy" first awakens to come into phenomenal 
"existence," it emanates, at near infinite frequency/energy, the dual, 
positive and negative ray (moving linearly in opposite directions, in a 3 cycle 
spiral vortex (Mobius-like) path which weaves (since the point is also spinning in 
a perpendicular direction to the original emanation) the first Cosmic Monad 
consisting of three cyclic fields (two inner fields within a surrounding field, 
like bubbles within a bubble) -- which represents the first spiritual root of 
all subsequent Monads. 

The parallel dual rays (although spiraling like the DNA molecule) that weaves 
the outer circumferences of these fields, are probably analogous to what 
Science (in current M-theory) calls "Superstrings." It is also postulated that, 
since the dual ray is both positive and negative (in direction of propagation) 
they could be the roots of what in current science is spoken of as "Light 
Matter" and "Dark Matter." However, another hypothetical possibility is that the 
twin spiraling rays carry -- in their individual vibrations (whose peaks and 
valleys could be analogous to the "strings" of current physics) that meet 
between them (like the ladders of bases in between the DNA spiral strands) --the 
entire "construction" code of Cosmogenesis. It only remains for the first 
intelligent beings to properly place these constructions in their rightful 
places... (Something, science still hasn't entirely figured out with respect to the 
human body and its varying proteins that go to different places in the body -- 
since they can't comprehend how intelligence could operate at the cellular 
levels, and have no understanding of the intelligent coenergetic** relationship 
between the coadunate Astral Body and the Physical Body.) **Coenergetic, 
referring to the inductive resonance between the energy vibrational patterns of one 
higher order field that induce an analogous pattern in the adjacent lower order 
field -- much like striking a G-string of a violin induces a similar 
vibration in the G-string of a nearby bass fiddle, along with all its overtones.

To visualize how these fields initially form the primal Monad and 
subsequently involve fractally -- i.e., one divides into two to form three, in an 
infinite series --starting from "chaos" to ultimate octaval "order" (after three 
iterations or "logos" ) -- and continuing inward, ad infinitum, see:

Incidentally, since all the space-time fields that emanate from the 
"spinergy" are joined together with their "Superstrings" (or woven rays of energy that 
make up the circumferences of the fields) in the form of "Gordian knots," so 
to speak -- it could take quite a twist of mind to follow the Mobius-like 
twists of fields with fields within fields, etc. ... So, we shouldn't be 
discouraged if it takes much long and arduous meditative practice to arrive at the clear 
state of its comprehension or visualization (that Patanjali implies is a 
necessary requirement prior to enlightenment :-) Could that be why HPB placed so 
much emphasis on understanding the metaphysics of theosophy and its scientific 
correlation's? What good is the Heart Doctrine in helping and teaching 
others on the path and fulfilling the plan of universal evolution, without a 
complete and effective understanding or how the Macrocosm and the microcosm actually 
work and interrelate with each other? The basis of all the siddhis (psychic 
powers), including the powers of will and self healing, rests on this 


>The lowest region of Akasha, immediately above the gross physical plane,
>is termed the Astral Light. It is "the invisible region that surrounds our
>globe" and everything in it, and corresponds to the subtle vehicle or 
>"double" in man, the Linga-sharira. In it is impressed indelibly everything
>that takes place in the physical, psychical, and mental realms. It is thus
>the storehouse of memory, both in the cosmos and in mankind.
>"Akasha - the subtle supersensuous spiritual essence which pervades all
>space." These last few weeks there has been much discussion on God, and
>the nature of divinity. As theosophists, we believe that there is something
>more than a God. And we identify this something as the Absolute, yet we
>give it no attributes, except to say what it is not and what it is not
>practically covers everything. Yet, we are left struggling to come to terms
>with this something, through words and concepts...


As ABC theory sees it, this subtle "Astral light," is considered the 
analogous "light" range of the energy-frequency spectrum of each higher field that is 
analogous and corresponds to the "Sidereal light" of the gross physical 
universe. Thus the inner light we experience is not the Sidereal light we detect 
with our physical eyes, but is actually the "Astral light" we see only through 
our mind's eye (as a hologram in the Astral Mind field reconstructed by a 
coherent ray of Astral light projected from the "spinergy" surrounding our 
zero-point center of visual perception located in the Pineal area) -- whether awake or 
in our dreams -- since the Sidereal light never gets past the retinas of our 
physical eyes. When we raise our consciousness to the higher fields of Buddhi 
and Atma, we can experience (see, feel, etc.) the higher order frequencies of 
Astral light on those planes. Such experiences are purely subjective and we 
can only explain them to others indirectly as one sort of feeling of ecstasy 
or another, or by metaphorical analogies and correspondences -- e.g., "Smells 
like a rose" or "Tastes like honey," etc., etc.

However, we can never explain any of this "scientifically" in objective or 
empirical terms -- since there is no way, using our instruments on the physical 
plane, that we can measure these higher frequency orders -- but can only 
"experience" them subjectively. The same can be said for the concept of the 
infinite Absolute -- which is ineffable and beyond the comprehension of the finite 
mind -- thus, divine, in an of itself. 

All this clears up when we consider that the zero-point at the center of 
origin of each monadic field is the source of all conscious experience or 

Therefore, we are each, in our own individual Monad's zero-point of origin, 
an individual "spark" at the center of the highest Self -- which is, in 
essence, the latent consciousness of the Absolute. This consciousness only becomes 
"experiential," as an individual Self (which we can call "God consciousness") 
at the zero-center of the primal Monad of the Cosmos and any Galactic or Solar 
System in it, down to each individual human being. Subsequently, as this 
primal Monad goes through its 14 initial involution's, the consciousness of the 
Dhyan Chohans awaken in successive hierarchical order until the primordial 
physical Universe appears. Of course, in our measure of time, all this occurs 
simultaneously -- since each successive field has a time constant (or "ultimate 
division of time") consistent with its energy-frequency order -- which extends 
from near infinite on the highest plane to the finite spectrum of the lowest 
physical plane. Note that "plane" is used, theosophically -- since all 
phenomena, which is fundamentally "electrical" in nature, occurs on the 
circumferential surface of each of the globular "fields" of consciousness. Science confirms 
this, as Einstein showed us -- since he proved that this infinite "surface" 
of space is flat in the short view but also curved in the long view. From a 
physical point of view, the metaphorical analogy is that; Space can be imagined 
as an immense blanket woven of primal lines (or rays or Superstrings) of 
"Primal Force," and that galaxies are wrinkles in the blanket -- with stars 
wrinkles in the galactic wrinkles, and planets wrinkles in the star wrinkles, ad 

> One evening, as I struggled to get a handle on this idea of an Absolute,
>I wandered out into the garden. It was late fall, just like it is now and
>the sky was crystal clear and slightly blue, the moon providing a soft
>light. I sat down and looked up at the sky taking in the stars. Then with
>my mind I pictured the universe as it would be beyond our atmosphere, and
>with my mind I traveled farther out taking in the nebulas and the galaxies
>that spread out across the universe. Like Hubble I tried with my mind to
>reach the very ends of the universe and go beyond. In that still night,
>I felt the energy that surrounds us and fills us with it vibrancy, I heard
>the low hum that one hears in the silence, and slowly I sensed another
>reaching back. And I knew it could not be contained in words and concepts,
>even in an idea.

Yes, even science cannot explain the "experience" of consciousness -- which 
must remain forever that which we can only feel and know inside ourselves, by 
ourselves. Your expressions and impressions described so poetically above, I'm 
afraid, is the closest any of us can ever come to picturing such 
transcendental experiences to others.

>Why does Theosophy not bother to define the Absolute? Should we bother
>to define what is not? Is Consciousness the same as the Absolute, or are we
>once again trying to put terms to a term-less something?
>Is the Akasha the first manifestation of the Absolute?
>Is there a difference between the linga-sharira and the aura?
>Why does science not recognize this Akasha, and yet recognize that space
>is not empty?

Perhaps, the above outline of how scientific thinking can be merged with 
theosophy makes all this a little clearer. 

Even today, science with its Superstring/M-brane theories, postulating "11 
dimensions" of Space (7 hyperspace, 3 physical, plus time), is coming closer and 
closer to the theosophical metaphysics -- which can be described 
philosophically, as did HPB (using theosophical jargon that possibly only a studied 
theosophist with a scientific background along with a fair knowledge of Sanskrit 
could understand thoroughly) -- and, ultimately, merged it with science... (As 
further clarified by the ABC theoretical interpretation which bridges 
theosophical metaphysics with the leading edges of postmodern science.) See: -- along with my previous letters on 
ABC in this and other online forums.

The real problem with reductive Science as practiced today, is that they 
cannot get a handle on consciousness and its relationship to matter, or even the 
connections between mind and brain. They call it the "hard problem" of 
consciousness and the "binding problem" of mind to brain. Until they solve these two 
conundrums, there can never be a scientific understanding of the true nature 
of both subjective and objective reality. On the substantial or energetic 
side, "M-theory" is getting very close to the theosophical metaphysics that 
speaks of multidimensional enfolded fields -- which science labels ZPE or 
"zero-point energies"... But, on the consciousness side, they are lost until they can 
fit perceptive awareness and will or intent into their equations. 

In any event, neither theosophy, ABC, nor Superstring/M-brane theory -- no 
matter how close they get to a "Unified Field Theory of Everything" -- can ever 
explain the nature of the Absolute (the rootless root of all)... That is 
forever beyond the comprehension of all manifest consciousness -- i.e., beyond even 
the ubiquitous "zero-point" itself (the root of both our awareness and our 
will), or its "spinergy" (the root of all substantial matter-energies) ... Yet, 
both of which forever remains in close intimacy with that forever unknown 
Absolute (pre-being or "Beness") Principle upon which everything in the Cosmos or 
in our phenomenal universe rests, and has their being in. 



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