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Special Thanks to the Theosophists.

Nov 30, 2004 01:20 PM
by robert searle

Dear Members,

I must make a special thanks to Mr. Caldwell,
and Mr. Tucker on the issue of the Radhasoami Faith.
However, I must confess that I knew virtually all the
references connected with the subject which was very
kindly emailed to me, and to the site. I have made
contact with David Lane in the past. He incidently
once sent me a free copy of his expose of the Eckankar
movement after I criticised his manuscript on the guru
lineages in the RS tradition. Indeed, I was initiated
into RS Beas Satsang group back in 1993. I was the
first batch of British iniates...but since then, I
have had doubts. Yet, I do believe the RS Faith, and I
am in search of a more credible Sat Satguru possibly
the elderly, and scholarly Agam Prasad Mathur alias
Dada Ji. 

Though I have great respect for Theosophy I do feel
that the RS Satsang represent the former in its real,
and purest form. In other words, it is the Secret
Doctrine Itself. No doubt less informed Thesophists
would disagree. However, if they turn to the writings
of Professor Lekh Raj Puri on the RS spiritual
cosmology of higher planes they will have to think
again!!! Has Mr. Caldwell, and Mr. Tucker read
Mysticism, the Spiritual Path Vol II, and the
Radhaswami Teachings at all? If so, they must have
read about the details of the inner spiritual stages,
and how they are attained by merging into the Sound,
and Light. This is a fantastic subject, and I am
suprised Theosophy over the years has not taken much
if any real interest in this subject. It is a real

PS. I hope Mr. Caldwell, and Mr. Tucker might have
read my writings on Multi-Dimensional Science using
the CACHED text on the internet. There may be some
Theosophists who have a scientific background who
might like to criticise MDS..which incidently, is
another mind-bender


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