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Re: Theos-World Re: PO & DHC on Leadbeater

Nov 29, 2004 07:27 AM
by MKR

Your points are well taken. We all need to come to our own conclusions 
about the material that was presented by all the theosophical writers. What 
has kept my interest in theosophy is the freedom to keep our minds open and 
inquire and learn with no one to be taken as an authority. After all until 
we are able to see and understand ourselves, we are dealing with matters 
which cannot be communicated in writing.


At 09:27 AM 11/29/04 -0200, krishtar wrote:
>Dear MKR
>I was also introduced to Theosophy by CWL but what I donīt feel 
>comfortable about - although I try to accept the different opinions- is 
>someone who tries to descredit HPBs great works.His books have diffrent 
>explanation to some basic preceipts but they do become Theosophy easier 
>for some beginners in certain aspects. A defect or a virtrue of these 
>books, I canīt judge, but they do.


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