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Anand again on "HPB admitted she misunderstood teaching given by Masters"

Nov 27, 2004 01:06 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


You write:

"This letter was written by HPB in 1887. 
That means by experience of decades she 
had learnt that she misunderstood the teaching 
given by the Masters."

Anand, EVEN IF one might agree with what 
you say HPB meant in 1887, then consider 
that the next year 1888, we have Master Koot 
Hoomi writing the following to Colonel Olcott: 

"...BE ASSURED...."

(1) "...that what she [HPB] has not annotated from scientific and
other works, we have given or suggested to her."

(2) "Every mistake or erroneous notion [for example, Sinnett's 
misunderstanding about Mars and Mercury], corrected and explained by 
her from the works of other theosophists was corrected by me, or 
under my instruction."

(3) The Secret Doctrine is " epitome of occult truths that will 
make it a source of information and instruction for the earnest 
student for long years to come. . . ." 

caps added.
Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, Series I, p. 47

P.S. I'm sure Pedro will disapprove of my quoting what the
Master KH wrote but consider it another one to add to my
previous "festival of quotes".


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