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Re: Theos-World Imagination

Nov 24, 2004 10:39 AM
by Mauri

Regina St Clare wrote:
<<On Imagination... Would it be that pure imagination, that which reflects our divine nature, would be the objective to manifest-- >>>

Per whatever interpretive/karmic tendency ...

<<thus what we experience in samadhi, which may be visual or not, would manifest in our life, as lived.>>

Per whatever interpretive/karmic tendency ...

<<Do we not return from meditation with a heightened awareness and perception which could be named harmonious, clear, etc. And when we stay in that space, we are continually informed by IT, as in living wisely.>>

Per whatever interpretive/karmic tendency ...

<<What pollutes imagination is anything but the pure divine essence and if we focus sufficiently we can ue the focus of the mind to penetrate the samskaras and free the energy for use by the divine intervention that we direct.>>

Per whatever interpretive/karmic t endency ...

I think I might be trying to say here that anything short of Beness is karmic, interpretive, mayavic, (according to Mahayana Buddhism, I think). Not that lots of things aren't seen as helpful, obviously enough. And, for all I know, there might be many reasons why one might find a "much better" w/Whatever between here and Beness, so ... I don't even seem to have experienced samadhi, so what can I say ...


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