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Re: Theos-World Pedro on his "Difficulty" about use of concepts "Atma" and "S...

Nov 21, 2004 09:39 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the Quotes from David Reigle, interesting about the Kalachakra 
tantra, Jonangpa School and Dolpopa.
I post an excerpt from the Mahaparinirvana Sutra that includes the term 
"self" below.

Chapter 12 on the Buddha Nature

"Then, the Tathagata said in a gatha: 

"There is one who takes amrta, harms life, and dies early,
Or one who takes amrita and gains long life,
Or one who takes poison and gains life,
Or one who takes poison and dies.
The unhindered wisdom, which is the amrta, in none
But the Mahayana sutras. And such Mahayana sutras too
Are what contain poison. It is
Like the butter, sarpirmanda or rock candy,
Which, when taken and digested, is medicine.
If not digested, then it is none but poison.
The same if the case with the vaipulya sutras.
The wise make it amrta, and the ignorant, not knowing
The worth of the Buddha Nature, make it a poison.
Sravakas and pratyekabuddhas make Mahayana amrta.
This is like the milk which is the first of what taste.
Those who thus work and make progress
Ride on Mahayana, gain the shore of nirvana, and become
The elephant king of man. Beings know of the Buddha Nature
As with Kasyapa. The superb amrta is
The birthlessness and deathlessness. O Kasyapa!
Know well of the three refuges. The nature
Of the three refuges is that of self. If one knows
Clearly that the nature of self has the Buddha Nature,
Such a one well enters the undisclosed house.
One who knows of self and what belongs to self
Cames already out of the world.
The nature of the Three Treasures of the Buddhist teaching
Is the upperless and the most to be honored.
Its nature is as I say thus in my gatha"

Another thing I have been looking at that seems a correlate to the "unique" 
proficiencies of Madame Blavatsky revolve around her Mentoring in tibet that 
could have been the necessary "preparation" and enablement for the mission 
shewas to understake. Often she was described as "gazing off into empty space" and 
then writting down chapter and text. She also refers to the "cypher scripts" 
she was initiated into the skill of use of. She mentions Padmasambhava and also 
that it was the "Drop" that was extended to her that was so very primary to 
her. All this appears, to me at least, to conform to certyain Tibetan 
Traditions about "Terma" and "Tertons" and how Madame Blavatsky seems to accomplish her 
access to the contents she wrote of so profusely. It might have been that she 
as she syas in a western manner was "Chosen" as the Mesenger, "Chosen" is 
expressed as the necessary prerequisite of the "Terton." There are, as I have 
read five ways for this to be actualized, one is the "Mind Emanation" mode, 
which I think fits Blavatsky. She also made comments that William Quan Judge is a 
part of herself, an enigma not as far as I remember explained clearly. However 
when she said "Myself" perhaps the "Self" indicated was not her personal self 
but the "Self" of the Emanator Itself, and that William Quan Judge at the 
same time received one of the other four remaining "Emanation Bodies," possibly 
the "Heart" emanation, while Annie Besant became en rapport with the "Activity" 
emanation body. A Terton is referred to: "The Terton is the Golden Vase 
filled with the sanctified nectar."
Madame Blavatsky mentions "Mother-Father" spin a web, Mother is in some 
sects "Sri Devi" (Holy Mother) "Primordial Wisdom" and is the "consort" of the 
Terton. The whole subject of the "Terma" (hidden teachings) and the prophecies 
of when, who, what will be revealed at appointed times is much aligned to the 
context of the Mission of Madame Blavatsky. What recipients of the two 
remaining Emanation Bodies,
the "Space Emanation body" and the "Emanation Body" itself I have not fully 
considered, but in the Seven-fold Order there remains Buddhi and Atma, so it 
seems "Buddhi" was the resource of the extension. The Dakini's are the 
"Protectors" and also enablers of finding the Terma's, they also enable knowledge of 
the Secret Scripts. Padmasambhava, I wonder????

Below is a Tibetan site I read well into the early morning until it was 
after 7 am. It managed to make me finally see what "Clear Light" was, and how it 
correlates to our Theosophical as regards Consciousness Only School

Dream Yoga And The Practice Of Natural Light.


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