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Re: Advice to Daniel

Nov 21, 2004 11:38 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Thanks for the advice.

When I want to give my own opinion, I believe
I can do that.

But in my recent posts, I am referring
interested readers to material written
by other individuals and other sources.

This is so those individuals can read
the material unfiltered thru my mind.

For example, my recent posting showing
Pedro interesting leads written by
Paul Williams, David Reigle and other
scholars in certain subjects.

Why resummarize in my own words what
they have written?

Readers can read what those authors
have written; they don't have to
take my word for it.

You might want to ready, study
and ponder some of this material
yourself to broaden your own


--- In, "Anand Gholap" <AnandGholap@A...> 
> Daniel,
> You always copy passages from books or give links to other 
> Try to express thoughts in your own words. That will develop some 
> important capacities in you. Then ability to understand Theosophy 
> also will increase. You are free to take advice or ignore.
> Anand Gholap

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