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Re: Theos-World On changing headers, toxicity, etc.

Nov 19, 2004 09:21 PM
by Mauri

adelasie wrote:
We are so willing to believe anyone who says they are the hero, as we are willing to believe to some extent that actors who portray made-up characters in made-up realities are somehow important, are bigger than life because the characters they portray are bigger than life; the way we are willing collectively to believe the most preposterous lies if someone tells us we should.
Apparently there's a generally prevalent "willing to believe" in the benefits of so many things, though a few seconds or minutes of research would reveal dangers in, eg: flu shots, food, environment, drugs in general, investments, religion, politics, etc. Seems to me that those enforced flu shots and vaccines alone might seriously handicap the the mental and physical health of north america for a long time to come. Seems that kids are becoming more and more hyperactive, showing symptoms of autism, attention deficit disorder, among other things.

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