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Re: Theos-World RE: Our discussion.

Nov 17, 2004 02:25 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hello Dallas,

My responses below:

W.Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

Nov 17 2004

Dear J:

Yes it is interesting, words are so important but understanding is another
factor needing tolerance and latitude. Perhaps that is one reason that I
use the old "original" writings so much. Its not that I don't think a lot
about their meaning, but since I have found their meanings impersonal and
universal, I prefer using those to my own in some cases.

On the other hand, since I have also read and re-read all of the "Original" writings, I'm more interested in leaning about what you got out of them, then to merely read your transcriptions of them, or to have you tell me to read them again.

In any event, I have made 2 general postings today, which underline this
Do look them over please.

I'm already familiar with these articles. Instead of my re-reading them and trying to divine what relevance you have attributed to them, at this time, I would rather if you just come out and tell us in your own words. Then we would have something to reply to.
"Thinking" is not the word that I would choose. Rather, meditation itself is more of a process of observing, experiencing, realizing and being in the present. There are, of course, little exercises that meditators do that involve what we ordinarily call "thinking." For instance there is something called "a loving kindness meditation" where one "sends good thoughts" to people--particularly those whom we might dislike for some reason. Such exercises are designed to "soften the heart" so to speak. But even here, these are very focused exercises.

DTB I prefer a very impersonal and unemotional approach. If we are
looking for "truth" then our feelings help little. The mind has to adduce
great and basic ideas. I find plenty of those and explanations in the
SECRET DOCTRINE for instance as well as elsewhere in the Masters' writings.


Emotions are a part of the human condition. Insight meditation teaches one to RECOGNIZE emotions as well as thoughts for what they are. Observing these phenomena in meditation is a very different experience than merely reading about them. Actually observing the phenomena gives first hand knowledge. Reading about them in a Theosophy book, or anywhere else, is vicarious knowledge. The "truth" that I believe you have in mind, is neither a function of thought nor of emotion. Meditation takes one much deeper than these.


DTB Thanks for all those good definitions -- an excellent review of
current thought development and definitions attached to that progress.

I think THEOSOPHY is far deeper and covers much more ground.

It is possible that "post modern" is a term employed to indicate changes in
linear ideas accepted and considered -- in contrast to the phrases and
explanations of say 150 to 50 years ago, -- the levels of formal basic
education have also been changed and "simplified." "Dumming us down" -- I
object to. It places youth at a distinct disadvantage.

It appears that again we have a communication gap. My presentation concerned a social phenomena--a shift in thinking which is (among other things) relevant to howone may effectively communicate Theosophy.
Education has indeed changed, however, I don't know what you mean by "simplified" or "dumming us down." There is a lot of political hay being made about our public educational system. Much of it is motivated by politicians who want to dismantle the public educational system and shift funding to private parochial schools. The "talking points" you hear in the media has no more to do with what is really going on than the talking points that were used in the recent Presidential debate. My wife presently teaches in the California State University system; I have also taught there; I have taken educational courses relevant to primary education, and used that opportunity to sit in on Jr. High and High School classes; interviewed the teachers and administrative staff; and did some student teaching at the High school level. So I have a little more of an inside view on these matters than most. Perhaps you can elaborate your points here so that we can discuss them.

Best wishes

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