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Re: Theos-World RE: RE: Cayce's relevance to Theosophy/theosophy

Nov 16, 2004 12:15 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hello Ana,

I'll be happy to send you a copy of the syllabus of one of our currently 
running classes: "The Origins and Development of Christianity," but I 
need first to clarify that it is not a study guide. Rather, it is sort 
of a contract students agree to when they begin the course. It is very 
much like any syllabus you might receive at the beginning of a semester 
if you were to take a course at a university in the U.S. This syllabus 
describes the course, what the participants will be doing, the books 
that we will be reading and discussing, and the particular subjects we 
will be covering week by week. It is six pages long. I offered it to 
anyone interested in order to demonstrate how Theosophy can be studied 
without being bound to the same century-old writings, under the same 
formats Lodges have been using for a hundred years. I realize that some 
may say that the course is not Theosophy at all, because HPB's or the 
Masters' writings are not used here. But I assure you that exactly the 
same material is covered, except in a more modern and currently relevant 

We also found that we had to publish our own journal, since most 
Theosophical magazines typically reprint articles which we already have 
access in their original printings, or publish original articles which 
seem to be more akin to new-age subjects than any contemporary 
expression of Theosophy. But since, the word Theosophy is rarely 
mentioned many would argue that the journal is not "Theosophical." 
Nevertheless, I assure you that it is very Theosophical. The articles 
are variously concern current information on subjects Blavatsky had 
covered a century before; historical subjects which are relevant to 
current events; Spirituality and Ethics in practical application; 
reviews on current publications and movies with Theosophical themes, 
summaries and commentary on current news items of Theosophical relevance 
etc. We also reprint in each issue rare and/or unobtainable articles 
from Theosophical students contemporary to HPB (e.g. G.R.S. Mead, 
Alexander Wilder etc.). These are valuable supplements to students of 
Theosophy, and are offered according to the theme carried by each issue. 
However, the journal's main purpose is to publish contemporary articles 
about Theosophical issues and teachings aimed at an audience that would 
not otherwise have been attracted to the "Original writings." Since 
these journals have expanded to 40 pages and now cost almost $5.00 each 
to produce, we can't afford to send out samples any more. However, I 
would be happy to send an acrobat copy of a flyer which describes the 
journal, and our organization.  

Other classes we are currently offering, are more familiar to students 
of Theosophy:

1. The Mahatma Letters (We read and discuss the Letters to Sinnett, plus 
others by them, including some which have never been published. Meets 
twice monthly)
2. The Secret Doctrine Seminar (This is a day long activity. Members in 
turn prepare research on sections or certain subjects in the SD. Their 
presentations usually last from two to four hours. They not only cover 
HPB's points on the subject, but also do outside research and present 
current information. Meets quarterly)
3. Practical Spirituality (Currently we are exploring current books on 
meditation, from different traditions and points of view. Participants 
all have their own practices, so the participant's not only talk about 
what is in the book, but also of their own experiences on the subjects 
being considered. Meets twice monthly)

Let me know.



Ana Lorena Howell wrote:

>El 11/13/04 1:11 PM, "Jerry Hejka-Ekins" <> escribió:
>>Hello Barbara,
>>We find ourselves making the same comments about HPB's writings.
>>Sometime we run into people who are into some new age thing and start
>>telling us about the latest books, with great ideas they have never
>>heard before. In almost every case, it is some simplified and distorted
>>version of something that HPB had written about over a hundred years
>>ago. There is nothing quite like her, and she seems to be the direct
>>or indirect source for so many current ideas.
>>While we have study groups on Theosophical texts (e.g. Secret Doctrine,
>>Mahatma Letters, Voice etc.), We also do classes where we explore
>>subjects HPB covers by using current works. We have found that these
>>studies tremendously expands, clarifies and brings a whole new relevance
>>and currency to HPB's writings. We just finished a two year course on
>>Kaballah, which started with the roots of Judaism in Egyptian,
>>Babylonian and Canaanite religions. Currently we are doing a course on
>>the roots and origins of Christianity. I'll be happy to email you
>>and/or anyone interested a copy of our syllabus for this current class.
>Dear Jerry.
>A group of stundents of Theosophy are very interested in these guides for
>the study of the kabalah and also about the roots of Christianity. We are a
>long time students of Mahatma Letters and Secret Doctrine.
>It will be very helpfull for us if you are so kind and send us a copy of the
>Tbnak you so much
>Ana L. Howell
>TS Costa Rica
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