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Re: Theos-World RE: RE: Cayce's relevance to Theosophy/theosophy

Nov 15, 2004 06:01 PM
by Ana Lorena Howell

El 11/13/04 1:11 PM, "Jerry Hejka-Ekins" <jjhe@c...> escribió:

> Hello Barbara,
> We find ourselves making the same comments about HPB's writings.
> Sometime we run into people who are into some new age thing and start
> telling us about the latest books, with great ideas they have never
> heard before. In almost every case, it is some simplified and distorted
> version of something that HPB had written about over a hundred years
> ago. There is nothing quite like her, and she seems to be the direct
> or indirect source for so many current ideas.
> While we have study groups on Theosophical texts (e.g. Secret Doctrine,
> Mahatma Letters, Voice etc.), We also do classes where we explore
> subjects HPB covers by using current works. We have found that these
> studies tremendously expands, clarifies and brings a whole new relevance
> and currency to HPB's writings. We just finished a two year course on
> Kaballah, which started with the roots of Judaism in Egyptian,
> Babylonian and Canaanite religions. Currently we are doing a course on
> the roots and origins of Christianity. I'll be happy to email you
> and/or anyone interested a copy of our syllabus for this current class.
> --j  
Dear Jerry.
A group of stundents of Theosophy are very interested in these guides for
the study of the kabalah and also about the roots of Christianity. We are a
long time students of Mahatma Letters and Secret Doctrine.
It will be very helpfull for us if you are so kind and send us a copy of the

Tbnak you so much


Ana L. Howell
TS Costa Rica

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