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theosophy education: worthwhile?

Nov 15, 2004 01:49 PM
by krishtar

Hi Friends

Here is a litlle drop of some Jiddu Krishnamurtiīs words.
It tells about education and other comparisons.
Krishnamurti was to have a Theosophical education in his childhood, but a wrong over-pressure towards otherīs peopleīs expectancies such as he suffered for, caused him to choose another way.
How can we direct the interests of our children to higher subjects and become good thinkers, people who care about being conscientious in life? 
Here we analyse HPBīs works and other authors in little details, we care about a letter or documents exchanged between people one hundred year ago, but life still goes on out there, with people acting as if they didnīt have another day after this, leaving for their today, and many of us have children and sincerely sometimes I feel a lilī lost to explain certain truths and opining about day-to-day subjects. 
Through media our children have to positive direction to our innermost essence not even about a non-sectary spirituality.
How can theosophy help them , by our own mouths, to become good freethinkers and how?
Iīd love to receive any POVīs from you friends.
I know the subjest is vast but itīs worth.



"With a word or a gesture you may kill a man's reputation; through gossip, defamation, contempt, you may wipe him out. And does not comparison kill? Don't you kill a boy by comparing him with another who is cleverer or more skilful? A man who kills out of hate or anger is regarded as a criminal and put to death. Yet the man who deliberately bombs thousands of people off the face of the earth in the name of his country is honoured, decorated; he is looked upon as a hero. Killing is spreading over the earth. For the safety or expansion of one nation, another is destroyed. Animals are killed for food, for profit, or for so-called sport; they are vivisected for the 'well-being' of man. The soldier exists to kill. Extraordinary progress is beingmade in the technology of murdering vast numbers of people in a few seconds and at great distances. Many scientists are wholly occupied with it, and priests bless the bomber and the warship. Also, we kill a cabbage or a carrot in order to eat; we destroy a pest. 

Where are we to draw the line beyond which we will not kill?

It's up to each individual. . . "

-J. Krishnamurti 
extract from Commentaries on Living III 

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